Simulation Services for Engineering

How to optimize your simulation strategy to overcome challenges in product creation

What are our Simulation Services, and how do they benefit you?

Transform your simulation to address new challenges in product creation – by implementing optimum processes and benefiting from robust calculations. Our services focus on three key aspects: Definition and implementation of an optimal interplay between design and simulation, method consulting and modelling for your simulation experts, as well as customized training formats. Together, they can make simulation the digital innovation driver of your business.

Simulation Services for efficient simulation workflows

Smarter design and simulation

  • Your designers get the tools for evaluation of design concepts 
  • They intuitively put simulation to work in their own software environment 
  • End-to-end management of simulation data gives you secure data administration and promotes collaboration between your business units
  • Simulation templates for recurring tasks accelerate your overall development process
  • Standardization and documentation simplify your validation processes 

Easier resolution of complex technical issues

  • New approaches let your simulation experts model complex component behavior and develop efficient simulation workflows 
  • Methodology projects help you identify suitable use cases and simulation approaches
  • Your calculation division is able to identify new solutions for product performance, weight and materials input
  • You improve the functions and lifespan of your products and achieve your expenditure and sustainability targets

Building team competency

  • Knowledge is an important resource for that highly dynamic discipline
  • We give your implementation teams the knowhow they need to overcome their challenges
  • You learn to apply new methods and best-practice approaches 
  • We show you how to develop efficient strategies and optimize your processes
  • Our SIMULIA classes and individual training formats teach your employees how to understand and use the software to maximum effect

How do our Simulation Services benefit your business?

Simulation as a catalyst

Secure handling of complex tasks and clever approaches to multi-physical simulation let you achieve innovative engineering solutions and production processes.

Boosting efficiency

Well-designed processes and methodologies ensure value-adding use of data and shorter development cycles. 

Maximizing added value

Our services promote excellence by implementing essential standards and identifying optimization potentials.

Meeting market requirements

Whether resource optimization, “smart products” or high variance: Our services give you maximum problem-solving competency.

How we support you – Our Simulation Services in detail

We optimize your simulation processes and the way you collaborate throughout your entire product creation process. First, we provide you with detailed information on the scope, effects and added value of our services. CENIT then transparently advises you on the planning and implementation of each step. Our method consulting for simulation specialists involves all relevant stakeholders. 

Ready to Simulate Service Package

Ready to Simulate supports the introduction and implementation of simulation-driven design within your product development process and shifts simple simulation tasks from your simulation experts to your designers. This already assures excellent quality levels during the development phase. Your designers learn how to qualitatively evaluate their design proposals using FEM software (FEM = finite element method). 
Together with you, we identify suitable use cases and develop initial simulation approaches that get you off to a quick and easy start.
Our services comprise the following steps:

  • Analysis of current process workflows between design and simulation, with a view to introducing design-related FEM simulation
  • Development of a concept for integrating simulation with your product creation process
  • Pilot implementation of this concept by means of a customer project, including relevant software training of your teams 

Simulation methodology and implementation projects

In close consultation with your simulation experts, we develop new methodologies for implementing innovative simulation approaches. 

  • Linear and non-linear structural mechanics
  • Pre- and postprocessing
  • Process automation
  • Topology and shape optimization
  • Lifespan analysis
  • Electromagnetics 
  • Multi-body simulation

Our consulting portfolio encompasses modelling, user subroutines and user materials routines, customization of user interfaces, simulation data management, process automation and a wide range of further topics. Together with you, we identify appropriate use cases and develop initial simulation approaches that get you off to a quick and easy start or transition.

Highlights at a glance
  • Earlier validation = cost reduction 
  • Simulation templates e.g. for technical and legal validation of components
  • Application and linkage of multiple simulation disciplines
  • Simulation methodologies using Abaqus, Abaqus/CAE, iSight, TOSCA, fe-safe, CST Studio Suite and Simpack
  • Training:  SIMULIA classes and individual training formats to address specific solutions and content

What makes CENIT the right partner for your simulation applications?

As a leading provider of IT software and consulting services, we are your experts for multi-physical simulation applications. Our simulation portfolio includes 3DEXPERIENCE roles and the SIMULIA solutions Abaqus, iSight, TOSCA, CST, fe-safe and SIMPACK, making our team the ideal partner for taking your simulations to an entirely new level.


CENIT has comprehensive expertise in a wide range of industries and simulation disciplines in manufacturing, CAD and engineering.


Based on knowhow gained over decades of field experience, we can reliably identify suitable calculation methods for your specific use cases. 


Once simulation becomes an optimally integrated component of your overall process, you can effortlessly manage simulation requirements and outputs within the context of your end-to-end product development. 

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