Application Management Services

For optimum performance of your product lifecycle management (PLM) systems

What are our Application Management Services and what benefits do they hold for you?

Application Management Services – or AMS for short – contain custom-fit service packages that secure optimal performance of your PLM applications and reliable support of your end users. We ensure maximum availability and peak performance of your PLM applications at all times – no matter whether you run them on-premise or as hybrid or cloud installations. In IT Change Management we support you, as an extension of your IT infrastructure team, with updates, adaptations and extensions of your IT. We also stand ready to support you in planning and introducing new product lifecycle management systems and applications. Application Management Services by CENIT let you achieve best-possible yield from your IT investments at quantifiable costs. 

Application Management Services: What we offer

Securing the productivity of PLM systems

  • Application Management Services include continual maintenance.
  • We monitor PLM systems, no matter how complex.
  • Our services can include regular updates and process optimization.
  • IT change management prevents disruptions to core processes and ensures the continuity of your business operations.
  • Out teams reveal opportunities for technology improvements.

Providing support – remotely and on-site

  • In the event of disruptions, AMS makes the core processes operational again quickly.
  • Via a multilingual CENIT Service Desk, you have access to competent advice at all times.
  • The security of your company and your business is always top priority.
  • You obtain problem-solving assistance, hints and best-practice strategies.
  • A well-functioning IT makes you a reliable partner – in-house and to your clients. 

The optimal way to run PLM solutions – and reduce staff costs at the same time

  • AMS can manage IT tasks for your enterprise.
  • It frees up staff time for more value-adding tasks.
  • You can professionally manage IT infrastructure expansions.
  • You save costs for training and employing your own IT experts. 
  • AMS offer your business access to the required skills and knowhow.

How do our Application Management Services benefit your business?

High Efficiency

Get the most out of your IT investments

More Time & Productivity

Problem-free processes give you more time for your core business

Cost Control

Managed-service model with fixed monthly fees


Protect your business from external disruptions and attacks

Choose CENIT services for maximum efficiency

Application Management Services cover all bases, such as continual application management including monitoring and maintenance, as well as regular process optimization including updates and adaptations. In the event of disruptions, our structured and standardized support ensures maximum responsiveness and minimum processing times. With our hints and recommendations on how you can evolve your IT infrastructure, you are always up to speed. 

Our shared goal is that you have a fully performing PLM system available at all times. Good to know: Our incident and problem management covers a wide range of CAD authoring and PLM systems.

This all-round expertise is also at your service when you wish to introduce new IT and software. Our deep understanding of the core PLM IT systems ensures that the systems and applications you deploy match the growth strategy of your business.

Highlights at a glance
  • CENIT Service Desk as your central point of contact 
  • Maximum operating time and performance
  • Identification of optimization potentials within your IT infrastructure
  • Installation of new systems and applications
  • Services available for on-premise, cloud and/or hybrid cloud applications
  • State of the art security strategies to protect your business data 
  • Certifications always up to date
  • ITIL-based service delivery
  • Use of standard IT service management software

Why CENIT is the right partner for your business

Regional SMEs, international suppliers and OEMs from the auto and aerospace industry all rely on services by CENIT. CENIT’s specialists know the requirements of various business sizes and industry segments. Our offer is tailored to your specific enterprise needs and takes all your roles, workflows and special security requirements into account.


CENIT offers 20 years of experience in Application Management Services – regular contract renewals by our industry customers speak for themselves.


CENIT is an ITIL-qualified partner and an attractive employer of experienced specialists.

Growth Partner

CENIT continually improves its services – transparent framework agreements ensure that your IT investments remain sustainable.

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