Industry 4.0 needs new software tools

The role of next generation digital factory software for smart manufacturing

Industry 4.0 represents the radical change that’s shaking the very foundations of the manufacturing floor. All-new ideas and concepts are required. Digital factory software and 3D tools are driving that change forward.

A virtual-twin model allows the implementation of manufacturing processes that would be too expensive without such simulation-based solutions. Software helps implement manufacturing processes, techniques and technologies that would be impossible otherwise.

What to expect in the whitepaper

This whitepaper highlights the role of digital factory software for Industry 4.0.

  • Which features does digital factory software need to enable a digital twin?
  • What are the challenges of advanced manufacturing?
  • Going into details in a use case for a system integrator

Extracts from the whitepaper

... It is important to understand that a virtual copy of a plant or production line by itself does not add value to intelligent manufacturing. The production won’t be smart until all components in the virtual manufacturing process communicate with each other exactly as they will in the real environment.


... The question is what properties digital factory software must provide to help companies efficiently break into smart manufacturing.


... This means that no manufacturing layout is limited to standard components. Now it pays off when “digital factory” software solutions provide user-friendly functions for integrating new, project-specific components in the layout. This process must be quick and easy for users without programming knowledge to complete.


...As soon as the production islands have been started, the same virtual layout can be used to introduce new parts and products. The time-consuming teach-in and the production interruptions that go with it are no longer needed.

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