Sustainability in product creation through digital processes

Comprehensive guide and technology consulting with customer experience from five industries

How to design and successfully implement your sustainable product creation strategy

The serious impact of climate change on people and the environment calls for a change in the way companies think and act. We need a better balance between economic, social and environmental factors.

Establishing sustainability in product creation means rethinking the entire process. From eco-design to production, every step must be efficient, resource-friendly and digital.

Our customers are intensively involved in the sustainable orientation of their companies. We support them by advising management, defining suitable technology concepts and realising lighthouse projects.

We present this knowledge and our experience in the whitepaper "Digital technology and sustainable development: Shaping the future of industry". Take the next steps in implementing sustainable digitalization in your company.

Get an overview

From the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) to the digital twin.

Making the right decisions

You will be able to recognize which technology provides your company with the best contribution to sustainability in product creation.

Benefit from experience

Five companies, five sectors - many challenges. Our customer reports show how the development towards sustainability becomes successful.

Sustainability: 360-degree view of the transformation and its solution

In our white paper, we bring together over twenty people from our network. This includes many voices, from the CEO to the philosopher to the simulation expert. Together, they will shed light on the complex challenges surrounding the goals of climate neutrality, decarbonisation and the circular economy.

Get an all-round view of the transformation towards sustainable product creation. Turn the findings from this whitepaper into building blocks for your strategic approach.

You want to know more? Find your answers in the whitepaper!

 Industry and climate change - how can we fulfil our social responsibility?

 From ever more to ever better: Is this the turning point in product creation?

What role does collaboration play in the value creation network?

How does the virtual twin work as the key to eco-design and collaborative engineering?

Do data and process continuity improve the management of sustainability in product development?

How do engineers contribute to a smart, resource-conserving industry?

In our customer experience reports, you can also read how the sporting goods manufacturer Salomon will reduce its carbon footprint by 30 percent by 2030 with modelling and simulation. Or how the industrial service provider Epsyl-Alcen achieves greater sustainability for its customers with the digital twin. Find out how Dutch building developer Unbrick is using end-to-end processes to develop new, circular concepts for house construction, how the visionary team at Flying Whales is launching flying ships for load transport and how the engineering school Arts et Métiers is integrating decarbonisation goals into next-generation education.

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