Is Sustainability a matter of attitude?

CEO Peter Schneck on entrepreneurial responsibility, ESG considerations and digitalization

Published 05/03/2022 | updated 05/23/2024

As a manager, it’s your responsibility to achieve business success and simultaneously build a value-based organization. 

Is Sustainability a matter of attitude?

Today, value orientation is no longer filed under “miscellaneous”: it takes center stage.

I encounter the personal side of this development on a daily basis. Within CENIT Group, with our partners and in interaction with our customers, I constantly meet deeply committed people who devote their energies to causes like conservation, diversity and other aspects of sustainability.

For decision-makers, ESG considerations (environmental, social, governance) are no longer a matter of attitude. And ESG now extends far beyond environmental topics, forming an integral part of the entrepreneurial responsibility to secure the business success of an enterprise.

Depending on the industry, requirements to comply with ESG guidelines can be found in almost all tenders and specifications. The way in which companies address questions of sustainability thus has a direct influence on order generation.

The same applies to supply chains and cross-enterprise collaboration: To join an attractive industry ecosystem, metrics-driven values are your entry ticket.

Reaching sustainability goals with digital strategies

Digitalization strategies and tools can provide decisive support in managing sustainability.

Think, for example, of:

  • developing closed-loop systems for continuous improvement processes,
  • leveraging a digitally integrated innovation management scheme to develop products and solutions which save resources and meet actual customer demand,
  • achieving full traceability for all components of your solution,
  • gaining better control of your energy needs for production, letting you work toward carbon neutrality,
  • digitally enhancing collaboration within your business and within your network, helping you make better decisions.

Based on end2end process control throughout your product lifecycles and document logistics, you can also resolve another question that affects the future of your business: What business model will see you safely through to the next decade – a decade that will be deeply affected by climate change?

CENIT is at your side

Within CENIT Group, you will find people ready to act as Trusted Advisors on your path to sustainable digitalization. People who will help you choose the direction that’s right for your business and work with you to progress from one milestone to the next.

Part of CENIT’s growth strategy centers on promoting these strengths. That’s why I’m so excited that ISR Information Products AG – a CENIT Company is now a member of our company group: Together, we can become the Number One for document logistics and information management in the German-speaking part of Europe.

In industry, the topic of “sustainable digitalization” certainly extends to Industrial Internet of Things applications as well. We want to assist you with recommendations on how you can integrate this technology into your value-adding processes. For this reason, we are one of the partners supporting an ongoing study by the IT market research institute IDC (available in German).

The need to step up our efforts toward greater sustainability is incumbent on CENIT as a company as well. We are therefore driving CENIT Group forward in this sphere and have updated our enterprise vision accordingly. CENIT’s business purpose can be summarized in the following guiding principle: We empower sustainable digitalization.

How does your business address sustainability issues? And what sustainability goals have you set for yourself as manager? I’d love to hear from you!

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