CENIT acquires majority stake in ISR Information Products

For CENIT Group, the participation represents an important expansion in competency and a pioneering role in document logistics and information management

Published 04/08/2022 | updated 12/12/2023

Stuttgart, April 4, 2022 – On April 3, 2022, CENIT AG acquired a majority interest in ISR Information Products AG. The participation will consolidate the competencies of both companies in the field of document logistics and information management and is targeted at attaining a strong joint market position. ISR will continue to trade under its own name, with CENIT as an added designation.

CENIT acquires majority stake in ISR Information Products

For both businesses, the merger is a major milestone on the path toward becoming the #1 provider for document logistics and information management: On April 3, 2022, CENIT AG acquired a 74.9 % majority stake in ISR Information Products AG (ISR). CENIT, headquartered in Stuttgart, is a globally active software and consulting specialist and strategic partner to enterprises such as SAP, Dassault Systèmes and IBM. ISR, based in Braunschweig, is an all-round analytics and process digitalization provider.

Market strength and information management competence

Plans are to expand the entity created by the partnership-based merger of the two companies into a market-leading competence hub for the CENIT companies in the field of enterprise-wide information management. ISR Information Products AG will become part of the global CENIT Group but continue to trade under its own name. The appended designation “a CENIT Company” signifies the integration into CENIT Group as well as the associated increase in business and financial strength. In the medium term, part of CENIT’s “Enterprise Information Management” business unit (EIM) will be integrated with ISR in terms of both content and personnel. With a staff of about 300 information management experts, the new company will be excellently positioned for the D-A-CH market region.

The consolidated portfolio will cover industry-wide end2end solutions for document and information logistics, including products, services and consulting for document and process management, customer communication as well as data and document analysis. Expansion targets have also been set for the volume of business in the managed services and application management spheres.

Seizing opportunities together

“With this acquisition, we are taking an important step along the path of our CENIT 2025 Strategy: CENIT Group will continue to expand consciously and forcefully, via organic and inorganic growth”, says Peter Schneck, CENIT CEO. “We want to shape our service portfolio to ensure that we as CENIT assume a lead position in sustainable digitalization. This also means strengthening the EIM Business Unit within CENIT Group”, he adds.

Thus, a major goal of the merger is to grow on a foundation of common strengths, as emphasized by André Vogt, Senior Vice President of EIM at CENIT: “This partnership bundles and networks know how and lets us position ourselves clearly as experts for information management and document logistics. Both companies bring outstanding software solutions to the table, and we will continue to develop these in line with our customers’ wishes, augment them with cloud and AI technologies and consolidate them into end2end solutions. Our joint competence will help us become the #1 provider for document logistics and information management in the German-speaking part of Europe.”

Both companies are united in the conviction that the brand “ISR Information Products AG – a CENIT Company” has excellent potential for further growth. “The strong position and identity of ISR Information Products offers us an ideal basis for – now jointly – driving technical development and sharpening our market profile”, says Bernd Rosemeyer, Speaker of the Management Board of ISR Information Products AG.

Operative collaboration

The joint orientation means that the partners intend to maintain and, where opportune, expand the existing partnerships of both companies. Additionally, CENIT and ISR consciously plan to pass the benefits of their joint expertise on to their customers and continue to drive sustainable digitalization forward. 

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