End-to-end quality process

How to digitally embed quality processes throughout the product creation process

How to digitally embed quality processes throughout the product creation process

Companies that fail to deliver on their quality promises do significant damage to their reputation. This is just one of the reasons why the industry today wants to link quality goals and processes more effectively to business objectives.

The best way forward is the digital transformation of product creation processes (PCP). With digital end-to-end processes, you can precisely control and regulate all influencing factors that are significant for quality without delay. In other words, end-to-end digitalized PCP processes are crucial for the successful management of quality as a business function.

There is even more to be said for investing in the digital maturity of product creation. Innovations such as end-to-end automation or artificial intelligence (AI) in the product creation process require that you tie complex processes to standards and integrate them digitally.

Step-by-step blueprint of a digital quality process
Practical expertise from many years of experience
Learnings from successful sample projects

Your path to the digital end-to-end process

In our CENIT Whitepaper, author Ulrich Decker outlines how you can anchor quality in the end-to-end process step by step. You are provided with the blueprint of an end-to-end digital quality process that is aligned with the business objectives, takes into account the prerequisites of manufacturing and reliably ensures high product quality as a result.

The whitepaper provides expertise and practical action items to help you work through this task as a decision maker. Technology, processes and the organization are all taken into account.

    Preview of the topics discussed

     The digital end-to-end quality process: target, benefits and status quo

     Exemplary projects

     Outlook: Predictive Quality

    Exploiting the opportunities of end-to-end digitization

    We will present two successful customer projects that our CENIT teams were allowed to support.

    Finally, we give you an outlook on the possibilities of predictive methods for quality management - not as an isolated test case but with the goal of a regular application within an integrated overall strategy of your processes and IT.

    Customers with whom we have successfully digitized processes

    Verbesserung der Prozessqualität im Produktentwicklungsprozess
    Customer Project Verbesserung der Prozessqualität im Produktentwicklungsprozess Im Rahmen der Digitalisierungs- und „Industrie 4.0“-Konzepte von VAHLE durfte CENIT das Unternehmen mit CENIT SAP PLM Foundation unterstützen. Read more about
    Cloud-basierte PLM-Plattform für vollautomatische Mikrolabore im Weltall
    Customer Project Cloud-basierte PLM-Plattform für vollautomatische Mikrolabore im Weltall Cloud-basierte PLM-Plattform für Experimente im Weltall: 3DEXPERIENCE on Cloud passt ideal zu den Geschäftsanforderungen des deutschen Start-ups yuri, das Forschung im Feld der Mikrogravitation ermöglicht. Read more about

    Our author

    Ulrich Decker

    Ulrich Decker

    Senior Consultant 3DS-PLM Toleranzmanagement, Sales DCS Solutions Europe

    Ulrich Decker has been with CENIT AG for 15 years and has been responsible for DCS Solution Sales Europe since 2020. In this role, he advises in the areas of process optimization, quality management and digital transformation. He not only shares his many years of experience in this whitepaper, but also regularly writes articles for our technical magazine.

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