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Offline Programming for various manufacturing processes

The technology packages facilitate flexible and vendor-neutral robot programming. These packages not only support the process-specific structure of robot tracks, but also automatically define all process parameters and control commands.

In this way, FASTSUITE Edition 2 ensures consistently high program quality - regardless of the robot type used or the programming experience of the user. As a manufacturer-independent software provider, CENIT offers interfaces to all common robot and system manufacturers whose proprietary systems can be integrated into the 3D programming and simulation platform as virtual controllers. Despite this performance and the comprehensive simulation of all plant components and processes, the system is so simple and intuitive to operate that even inexperienced operators can generally use the program package without problems after a three-day training.

More than CAD-to-Path: Technology and Rule-based Offline Programming

CENIT FASTSUITE is based on a unique concept which allows users to easily program robot operations or machine tools, making use of the process geometry which can be directly defined on the 3D CAD model. The process geometries can be points in case of i.e. spot spot welding, curves in case of laser cutting or surfaces in case of processes like painting or polishing.

In conjunction with the pre-defined technology packages, the creation of complete robot programs can be significantly simplified, compared to manual optimization. The different technology packages provide a GUI customized directly for the particular technology and will compute the tool path in a way that it is already optimized for a given technology, i.e. like arc welding or laser cutting and which will contain already all process specific commands for the controller.

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Technology packages for

SolutionsArc Welding

FASTSUITE provides optimized welding strategies and methodologies for: Stitch Welding, Touch Sensing, Box welding strategy, Seam Tracking, Downhand welding strategy.

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SolutionsLaser cutting

Using FASTSUITE for 3D laser cutting you can quickly and reliably create toolpaths for cutting your sheet-metal parts no matter how complex the geometry.

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SolutionsPainting, Spraying, Coating

FASTSUITE Edition 2 enables manufacturers to create, simulate and analyze spraying applications and refine spray patterns, surface coverage, spray cone extension and deposition speeds regardless of the robot brand or model.

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Arc Welding
Laser Welding
Spot Welding
Roller Hemming
Laser Cutting
Trimming & Routing
Spraying/painting/ coating
Drilling & Riveting
Glueing (Sealing)
Shot Peening

The best questions to find the perfect automation software solution for your shopfloor

Industrial robotics is a constantly evolving field that offers many opportunities to improve production processes and increase product quality. To take full advantage of the benefits of industrial robots, it is essential to choose the right programming and simulation software for your company. This software will allow you to define and prepare the operations performed by your robots, to simulate them before putting them into production and to control them in real time. There are many products on the market with different functionalities to meet different needs.

Automation is a crucial aspect of modern manufacturing, and choosing the right solution can make all the difference for a company's success. Selecting the right programming and simulation solution can be an overwhelming and exhausting process for both manufacturing companies and system integrators. Howewer if the process of selecting and implementing automation solutions can be time-consuming, investing time and resources into the wrong solution can be a real disaster for a business. Consequently a wrong choice can lead to costly strategic decisions and significant economic losses for the organization.

In addition to the financial and time costs, the wrong automation solution can also have a negative impact on shopfloor employee attitudes towards management. When automation solutions are not correctly selected or implemented, it can lead to frustration and dissatisfaction among employees that can result in a decrease in productivity.

In conclusion, it is essential for manufacturing companies and system integrators to thoroughly research and evaluate all available automation solutions before making a decision. This includes considering factors such as cost, scalability, and compatibility with existing systems. It is also important to involve shopfloor employees in the decision-making process, as they will have valuable insight into the specific needs and challenges of the manufacturing process.

For all of these reasons, we have created a list of questions to help you understand the important criterias to consider in order to be able to make the best choice to maximize the economic benefits and profitability of your investment in your production equipment.

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