Laser Cutting with FASTSUITE

Increase your productivity with Robots and NC Programs for laser cutting

Using FASTSUITE for 3D laser cutting you can quickly and reliably create  toolpaths for cutting your sheet-metal parts no matter how complex the geometry. Collisions with other component areas, clamping devices or machine components are ruled out. Offline programming lets you avoid tedious teach-in and unproductive use of the machine or of the robot.

Functionality to import most CAD formats
Extensive machine libraries and post processors
Create fixtures of any complexity with merely a few clicks

FASTSUITE Edition 2 allows a user to quickly build fixtures for prototypes, lower cycle times for production parts, and reduce programing time, regardless of the complexity of the CAD data input.

Support for Programming and simulation of 3D laser cutting systems

  • Extensive robot and machine library and postprocessors for a quick start
  • Integration of auxillary devices into the program structure and process simulation: rotary chucks, rotary table, clamps etc.
  • Simple and intuitive user interface that is easy to learn with a step by step guided workflow
	Laser Cutting2

From the geometry to the  program faster than ever before

  • Functionality to import most CAD formats which saves you from conversion work
  • Auto-Contour to easily prepare manufacturing geometry by automatically detecting geometric contours, calculating machine macros and cutting trajectories
  • Powerful and innovative fixture builder to build complex holding fixtures with a few mouse clicks
  • Advanced collision detection allows the user to graphically modify vectors interactively for best collision avoidance
  • Advanced functionality allows the user to quickly optimize the toolpath with production cycle time in mind

Ready for production

  • Excellent performance for smooth simulation and verification of the entire process
  • Upscale-option to include other robot applications with the same software, such as handling, welding and assembly

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