cenitCONNECT Master Data Processes

Can Master Data Processes be standardized, efficient and flexible at the same time?

Quality and consistency of master data, as well as efficient data generation and modification plus easy reuse of data are the foundation of a stable business. At the same time, consistent and high-quality master data build the company-specific data backbone which is required for the implementation of innovative digitalization strategies, such as for autonomous production.

Master Data Governance: a Process with special Challenges

The transparency and high degree of standardization you require to handle your master data often conflicts with the flexibility you need to take care of your day-to-day business. Master data governance is often locally organized, isolated and lacking in procedural orchestration. This prevents effective traceability of master data movement. Without sufficient information on the status and maturity level of your data, thorough root cause analysis cannoct be conducted and the transference of data to downstream processes is hampered. Therefore, process-based master data governance is the key to increasing efficiency, reducing risks and cutting costs.

Master Data Processes with cenitCONNECT Master Data Processes

  • End-to-end orchestration of tasks, data and processes
    This reduces interface losses and lets you exploit synergies while simultaneously defusing risks caused by poor data quality and inexpert management of your master data.
  • Best-practice process templates
    Ensure a quick start to centralized or decentralized master data management. These templates are based on CENIT’s long-standing experience with process flows along the value chain.
  • Full transparency on the maturity level of a process
    Lets you take preventive action because it makes potential logjams and bottlenecks visible. Reliable reporting data gives you recommendations for system-side intervention. Combined with context-based pattern recognition, this yields a significant boost in efficiency. Additionally, role-based user support ensures a sustained improvement in data quality – even where master data management is sporadic or inept.

The process methodology of cenitCONNECT Master Data Processes offers you...

  • ...incremental implementation of decentralization strategies.
  • ...end-to-end integration with a comprehensive change management regime.
  • ...maximum scalability that lets you include additional object and master data types in SAP.
  • ...optional integration of standard master data management applications like SAP® Master Data Governance (MDG) or Coristo Material Master Management (Coristo MMM).

cenitCONNECT Master Data Processes supports you in four key areas to ensure secure and efficient working with master data: management of teams and individuals, data management, process management as well as monitoging & reporting.

Team Management

Link responsibility profiles and accountabilities to key indicators such as product group, product hierarchy as well as company association, plant association and distribution channels.

  • 3-level definition of eligible process handlers: team level, team leader level and specialist level.
  • Effective workload distribution and reallocation based on potential and actual workload of users and teams.
  • Combination of standard teams and ad-hoc team composition.

Data management

  • Demand-oriented data generation and unique description of requirements; readily reusable.
  • Overview of all associated objects.
  • System-based search for dependencies within the data model and potential effects on other objects.
  • Automated functions for process-compliant “definition of maturity level/status” for material, equipment, etc.
  • Optional direct integration of material master profiles to ensure lean, personalized material masters.

Process Management

  • Preconfigured process steps for generating and modifying master data (e.g. SAP material base).
  • Configuration of releases, alerts and data locks, e.g. in sales, purchasing or production, depending on currently available material status.
  • Custom day-to-day adaption of standardized processes, as required.
  • Intelligent system-side process prompts for efficient and demand-oriented processing.
  • Custom processes can be redefined as standard processes, as required.
  • User support via navigation pilot, checklists and information.

Monitoring & Reporting

Monitoring Apps

  • Orientation and maximum transparency for individuals participating in and/or accountable for the process.
  • Preconfigured KPIs for easy evaluation of critical and non-critical process developments.
  • Information on current and potential workloads of team members and team leaders.

Reporting Add-on

  • Optimal feed of information on processes, tasks and objectives to common BI tools.
  • Established, ODATA-based BI tools can be used as before.
  • For new introduction, a wide selection of ODATA-based BI tools is available on the market.
  • Immediate use after initial activation.
  • Data can be collated for specific contexts at any time, e.g. for an overview of efficiency levels, success rates, process density and process variations, as well as indications of optimization potentials.

Benefits of secure and efficient master data processes

  • Act efficiently and flexibly along the value chain without violating rules or requirements.
  • Develop autonomous manufacturing models based on up-to-date, digitized master data.
  • Establish early warning systems to alert you to impending disruptions and bottlenecks.
  • Protect your operative business through access to current, highly qualified and approved master data.
  • Keep improving thanks to established evaluation methods and ongoing assessment of master data and processes.



  • Workflow tool incl. Team Leader Staffing App and automation functions for master data handling
  • Reporting add-on as a data source for common BI tools
  • Available on SAP S/4HANA® and SAP® ECC 6.0


  • Preconfigured workflow templates
  • Monitoring based on preconfigured KPIs for users, team leaders and managers
  • Installation of status- and maturity level-based restrictions on the material master

Project Methodology

  • Train-the-trainer concept
  • Best-practice phase plan incl. transition phase
  • Fit-to-standard analysis of best practices


  • Preconfigured workflow solution incl. support and maintenance

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