// Coristo SAP Object and Document Explorer

Coristo SAP Object and Document Explorer

In the Coristo SAP Object and Document Explorer, SAP objects and structures (such as routings, production orders, networks, maintenance orders, functional location structures, BODs, BOMs, etc.) can be exploded and displayed on a role- and user-specific basis and also merged with 3D models and 3D animations. The Explorer is based on the functionalities of SAP 3D Visual Enterprise.

Documents (DIS) assigned to SAP business objects - from drawings to any accompanying documents to 3D visualized assembly instructions or 3D models - can be called up and displayed directly, i.e. all relevant information can be made easily available.

The solution is easily adaptable to customer-specific use cases and can thus serve as a consumer solution for a number of work steps in business processes.

The Coristo SAP Object and Document Explorer is available as a modern web-based Fiori app on the SAP Cloud Platform, but can also be used as an SAP GUI solution.


// Coristo SAP Object and Document Explorer




The Coristo SAP Object and Document Explorer is a navigation cockpit for SAP objects and structures, especially from the areas of production and maintenance, such as routings, production and maintenance orders, functional location structures, networks - but also material masters, document and material BOMs. The use is therefore not limited to logistic scenarios, even though this is where it originated.

In suitable scenarios, a bidirectional coupling between SAP view and 3D view is possible, which offers simplicity and transparency in SAP.

The adaptability of the scenarios to customer-specific use cases is guaranteed via a generic customizing transaction...

  • Simple navigation with high ease of use directly in SAP interfaces.
  • Resolution of SAP objects, such as work plan, production order, network, maintenance order with various document originals, including 3D files, in a comfortable navigation cockpit.
  • Document originals (e.g. PDF, Word, Excel, JPG, etc.) can be displayed in a very simple way.
  • By integrating the capabilities of SAP 3D Visual Enterprise, 3D data can be displayed just as easily.
  • Bidirectional connection between SAP BOM component and Parts in the 3D model. This allows positioning e.g. on a component in the production order and visualization of the respective part in the integrated viewer and vice versa. Likewise, the bidirectional connection between SAP work process and 3D animation steps is possible.
  • Direct jump options in SAP standard transactions or also in customer transactions (currently only in the SAP GUI version).

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Extensibility and requirements


  • Customizability via simple customizing.
  • Flexible extensibility via BADIs/extension spots, e.g. to read customer-specific columns, resolve other objects or trigger other actions.


  • SAP ERP 6.0 with Basis at least 7.0
  • SAP Gateway at least version 7.4, recommended version 7.5
  • Fiori Frontend Server 6.0
  • Storage of document originals in SAP PLM document management system
  • For SAP GUI version: Installation of the current version of the SAP Visual Enterprise Viewer (at least release 8.0, freely available from SAP) 

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