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CENIT AG kooperiert mit SGI im Bereich Immersive Solutions

Stuttgart, February 23rd 2000. - CENIT AG Systemhaus has entered into a co-operation with Silicon Graphics GmbH (SGI) in the Immersive Solutions sector. Silicon Graphics is one of the leading providers of high-performance computing systems and graphics-orientated solutions. The aim of the co-operation is to pool the two companies’ existing know-how and to reap the advantages of these resources.

Immersive Solutions (IS) are an extension of traditional Virtual Reality (VR). Utilized with high-quality projection techniques and numerous options for interaction, this technology can be implemented in any case where data needs to be visualised and evaluated. The spectrum of applications ranges from checking data and functions in CAD/CAM environments through the evaluation of simulation and measurement data, right up to travel and flight simulations. Innovative techniques at the high end of computer graphics and "Augmented Reality" - i.e. the superimposition of simulated images on real environments - complete the IS picture.

In the future, CENIT AG will place emphasis on the marketing of VR solutions. SGI, with its Immersive Solutions division, will take over all the tasks from planning to implementation. Dr. Oliver Riedel, head of CENIT’s VR division, will be responsible for the Immersive Solutions division in Europe as European Practice Director Immersive Solutions, as stated in the agreement of April 1st 2000.

To launch the co-operation, CENIT and SGI will present the first prototypes of the new CATIA V5-VR solution at the CeBIT 2000 from February 24 to March 1 in Hall 21.


With over 450 employees, CENIT AG Systemhaus, Stuttgart, a company listed on the Neuer Markt, is one of the leading service providers for information technologies in Germany. By concentrating on Internet technologies, this system provider with business activities in e-business, CAD/CAM-Solutions and IT-Services, offers tailor-made solutions from one source. In 1999, CENIT AG Systemhaus made sales of Euro 79.5 million. In addition to its branches in Berlin, Frankfurt, Duesseldorf, Hanover, Munich and Saarbruecken, the company has subsidiaries in Manchester, U.K. and Frauenfeld near Zurich, Switzerland.

Silicon Graphics Inc., Mountain View, California, www.sgi.com, as the leading provider of technical computing equipment provides the world’s most powerful servers, supercomputers and visual workstations. With future-orientated technologies and services for high-performance computing and visualized computing, SGI gives customers in the key markets production, administration, science, energy, communication and entertainment new insights and possible solutions for facing the most challenging problems.

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