CENIT recorded a slight sales decline in the first half of 2017


Stuttgart, August 1st, 2017 - In the first half of 2017, sales of CENIT AG decreased by 3.5 percent. This is mainly due to the decline in sales of the third-party software.

During the first six months, CENIT group generated sales revenues of EUR k 59,279 (prior year: EUR k 61,424/-3.5%). Sales revenues in CENITs consulting and services segment decreased by -2.3% to EUR k 23,975 (prior year: EUR k 24,532). Sales of third-party software fell by approx. -4.8% to EUR k 27,337 (prior year: EUR k 28,722). Sales proceeds from CENIT’s proprietary software decreased as well from EUR k 8,059 to EUR k 7,800 (-3.2%).

The gross yield (operating output less cost of materials) amounted to EUR k 35,841 (prior year: EUR k 38,007), representing a decrease of -5.7%. CENIT achieved EBITDA of EUR k 5,184 (prior year: EUR k 5,917/-12.4%) and EBIT of EUR k 4,187 (prior year: EUR k 4,677/-10.5%). Results per share were EUR 0.29 (prior year: EUR 0.41).

Orders Development
During the first six months, the group-wide order intake totaled EUR k 55,769 (prior year: EUR k 62,887). On 30 June 2017, orders in hand amounted to EUR k 29,805 (prior year: EUR k 33,293).

Asset and Financial Situation
The enterprise has no liabilities in relation to credit institutions, either of a short-term or long term nature. On the balance-sheet date, equity capital totaled EUR k 34,107 (31 Dec. 2016: EUR k 40,578), accounting for an equity ratio of 51.8% (31 Dec. 2016: 56.2%). On the balance-sheet date, bank deposits and liquid assets totaled EUR k 27,247 (31 Dec. 2016: EUR k 33,606). The operative cash flow was EUR k 3,388 (prior year: EUR k 5,830).

On 30 June 2017, CENIT group employed 606 staff (prior year: 625). Group-wide personnel costs for the reporting period were EUR k 23,880 (prior year: EUR k 25,150).

As a result of the KEONYS acquisition, CENIT is raising its growth forecast for the 2017 business year. With EBIT remaining virtually unchanged, the company expects on-year sales growth of about 25%.

Please visit CENIT’s homepage for the full 6 Months Report 2017.

Tanja Marinovic
Tanja Marinovic
Marketing/ Investor Relations