CENIT Group posts operative 9 months result of 5.6 million EUR


Increased sales of non-proprietary software and growth in earnings from consulting and applications management thanks to high demand from manufacturing industry

Stuttgart, 9 November 2012 - During the first 9 months of 2012, CENIT AG achieved an increase in sales figures against the same period of the previous year. As during the first 6 months, a major contributor to this trend was high demand from the manufacturing industry, leading to significant improvements in the field of product lifecycle management (PLM). The market environment for the Group’s enterprise information management (EIM) remains difficult; this led to a slight contraction in sales and earnings.
In Q3, sales of non-proprietary software were again up significantly against the previous year, as were earnings in the consulting business and applications management. Sales of CENIT’s proprietary software, on the other hand, were down slightly. 

Overview of 9 Months Figures

After 9 months, CENIT Group posted sales revenues of 86.2 m EUR (as per 09/2011: 77.9 m EUR /11%), representing EBITDA of 7.5 m EUR (as per 09/2011: 5.8 m EUR /29%) and EBIT of 5.6 m EUR (as per 09/2011: 4.3 m EUR /31%). Results per share were 0.47 EUR (as per 09/2011: 0.36 EUR).

Breakdown of Earnings

In the PLM segment, CENIT achieved sales of 64.7 m EUR during the first 9 months (as per 09/2011: 56.0 m EUR /16%). The EIM segment posted sales of 21.5 m EUR against 22.0 m EUR during the same period of 2011 (-2%). Sales of non-CENIT software attained 35.8 m EUR (as per 09/2011: 29.4 m EUR /22%). Sales of CENIT’s proprietary software contracted from 8.8 m EUR to 7.9 m EUR (-11%). Turnover from services and consulting totaled 42.1 m EUR (as per 09/2011: 39.5 m EUR /7%). Other sales amounted to 0.4 m EUR (as per 09/2011: 0.2 m EUR /93%).

Orders Development

After 9 months, incoming orders totaled 87.2 m EUR (as per 09/2011: 80.6 m EUR /8%). Orders in hand on 30 September 2012 amounted to 38.7 m EUR (as per 09/2011: 33.5 m EUR /15%). 

Asset and Financial Situation

The asset and financial situation remains stable. On the balance sheet date, 30 September 2012, equity totaled approx. 33.6 m EUR (31 Dec. 2011: 32.2 m EUR), representing an equity ratio of 56% (31 Dec. 2011: 57%). On the balance sheet date, 30 September 2012, the total of bank deposits and securities amounted to 22.5 m EUR (31 Dec. 2011: 18.1 m EUR). The enterprise remains free of debt.


On 30 September 2012, CENIT employed 674 staff Group-wide (30 Sept. 2011: 664).

Foreign Holdings/Subsidiaries

CENIT (SWITZERLAND) AG, Effretikon/Switzerland

After 9 months, CENIT (Switzerland) AG achieved sales revenues of 7.8 m EUR (as per 09/2011: 7.3 m EUR), accounting for EBIT of 0.9 m EUR (as per 09/2011: 0.7 m EUR).


During the first 9 months of 2012, CENIT North America Inc. posted sales of 6.9 m EUR (as per 09/2011: 7.0 m EUR) and EBIT of 0.8 EUR (as per 09/2011: 1.1 m EUR).

CENIT SRL, Iasi/Romania

CENIT SRL achieved total sales of 1.1 m EUR (as per 09/2011: 0.6 m EUR), representing EBIT of 0.1 m EUR (as per 09/2011: 0.0 m EUR). 

CENIT France SARL, Toulouse/France

CENIT France SARL accounted for sales of 0.6 m EUR (as per 09/2011: 0.5 m EUR) and EBIT of 0.2 m EUR (as per 09/2011: 0.0 m EUR). 

CENIT Japan K.K., Tokyo/Japan

With sales of 0.4 m EUR (as per 09/2011: 0.0 m EUR), CENIT’s Japanese subsidiary CENIT Japan K.K. achieved EBIT of -0.1 m EUR (as per 09/2011: -0.1 m EUR). 


CENIT adheres to its most recent annual forecast and continues to expect an increase in annual sales of approximately 7%, as well as EBIT growth between 20% and 25%. For the 4th Quarter 2012, CENIT expects moderate growth in the PLM segment. Among other factors, this reporting segment is heavily dependent on economic conditions and developments in the automotive, aerospace and mechanical engineering industries. Given the continuing financial and debt crisis, the enterprise continues to regard the economic environment of the EIM segment as difficult.
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Tanja Marinovic
Tanja Marinovic
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