Half-year results 2013 at the same level as previous year


Stuttgart, 13 August 2013 – In the first six months of 2013, CENIT AG was able to increase sales over the same period last year by 4.5%. The PLM segment grew by 6% on-year, while the EIM segment decreased slightly. The result after six months is almost unchanged compared to the previous year. Sales of proprietary software are still developing well with an increase by 31% to EUR k 6,540.

During the first six months, CENIT group generated sales revenues of EUR k 60,389 (prior year: EUR k 57,779/4.5%). Sales revenues in CENITs consulting and services segment decreased by 0.8% to EUR k 27,937 (prior year: EUR k 28,169). Sales of third-party software increased by approx. 6.1% to EUR k 25,793 (prior year: EUR k 24,307). Sales proceeds from CENIT’s proprietary software grew from EUR k 5,008 to EUR k 6,540 (30.6%), owing primarily to successful end-customer sales of the software products FASTSUITE and cenitCONNECT in the PLM field and IBM FileNet System Monitor and ECLISO in the EIM field.

The gross yield (operating output less cost of materials) amounted to EUR k 36,590 (prior year: EUR k 36,316), representing growth of 0.8%. CENIT achieved EBITDA of EUR k 4,800 (prior year: EUR k 5,051/-5.0%) and EBIT of EUR k 3,645 (prior year: EUR k 3,701/-1.5%). Results per share were EUR 0.31 (prior year: EUR 0.31).

Orders Development

During the first six months, the group-wide order intake totaled EUR k 56,208 (prior year: EUR k 59,082). On 30 June 2013, orders in hand amounted to EUR k 36,129 (prior year: EUR k 43,954).

Asset and Financial Situation

The enterprise has no liabilities in relation to credit institutions, either of a short-term or long term nature. On the balance-sheet date, equity capital totaled EUR k 32,620 (31 Dec. 2012: EUR k 34,648), accounting for an equity ratio of 53.0% (31 Dec. 2012: 58.7%). On the balance-sheet date, bank deposits and liquid assets totaled EUR k 29,838 (31 Dec. 2012: EUR k 23,779). The operative cash flow was EUR k 11,372 (prior year: EUR k 7,867).


On 30 June 2013, CENIT group employed 673 staff (prior year: 658). group-wide personnel costs for the reporting period were EUR k 24,516 (prior year: EUR k 23,817). CENIT is currently training 39 young professionals in various vocations. The trainees include students from the Dual-Training University of Baden-Württemberg (DHBW) in the fields of informatics and economics, as well as trainees in the field of information technology.


CENIT still adheres to its most recent annual forecast, against the backdrop of the continuing difficult economic conditions, and expects an increase in sales of around 3% and a stable EBIT. The PLM reporting segment is highly dependent on developments in the automotive, aerospace and mechanical engineering in-dustries. Due to the ongoing financial and debt crisis, the EIM segment still faces a difficult market environment in the second half of the year.

Please visit CENIT’s homepage for the full 6 Months Report.

Tanja Marinovic
Tanja Marinovic
Marketing/ Investor Relations