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Transition Planning & Support Management

Transition Planning & Support Management describes the planning and coordination of the resources required to take over one or more services.

One central task is recognizing and controlling risks and error sources of overlapping activities in the transition phase.

Benefits for the customer

CENIT ensures that the takeover of the described services takes place in the short-term.

Based on our many years of experience in practical implementation, we guarantee the trouble-free takeover of the services.

This forms the respective foundations for the value added operation in service operations

    • Planning and coordination

      We coordinate with Operations Management. A resource plan is created and training needs are determined. 

    • Preparation and detailed planning

      CENIT ensures that all necessary information is in place and made available to those responsible. Checklists are developed and detailed planning scheduled. 

    • Execution and documentation

      Skills establishment is completed, existing documentation is updated. Responsibilities between CENIT and the customer are defined. 

    • Reporting and acceptance

      CENIT and its customers define service reports for defined indicators. An acceptance report is created and agreed on with all parties involved. 

    • Deployment and operation

      CENIT assumes responsibility for operation and ensures the availability of services in accordance with the agreed SLAs. 

  • We opted for CENIT due to many years of partnership as well as the many references it has with regard to holistic IT support.
    Ernst Weckenmann, CIO in2p GmbH