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Intelligent backup & recovery of content repositories

Content repositories such as FileNet Content Engine or the Documentum Content Server have to be protected against against data loss. Backup & recovery solutions such as IBM Tivoli Storage Manager can back up systems and applications and recover the most recently stored status in the case of a disaster, they do not however offer protection against logical errors or the accidental deletion of individual content objects. Plus recovery is time-consuming and requires the recreation / postprocessing of all documents that have been processed since the last backup.

CYA SmartRecovery enables granular backup and recovery of content and metadata in FileNet and Documentum at the the runtime of the application. As individual documents can also be recovered, recovery times are drastically shortened. Plus inconsistencies and rework are avoided. Errors in metadata, e.g. inconsistencies between document and lifecycle information can be automatically recognized and remedied.

Integration in the IBM Tivoli Storage Manager also enables the usage of the existing backup infrastructure.

      • Online backup of the content repository
      • Content and metadata backups
      • Granular recovery, also of individual documents
      • Integrity check
      • Adherence to retention policies in the backup copy
      • Integration in IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, among other things
      • Backup of EMC Centera
    • Supported applications:

      • FileNet Content Engine 4.x, 5.0 and 5.1
      • Documentum Content Server 6.5, 6.6 and 6.7
    • The CENIT implementation approach:

      • Analysis & conceptual design
      • Installation & configuration of measuring infrastructure
      • Setup of measurements
      • Administrator training
      • Documentation & project management
      • Reduction of recovery- recovery time objectives
      • Drastic reduction of post-work - improvement of recovery point objectives to just 15 minutes
      • Resolving inconsistencies
      • Compliance with regulatory requirements (Sarbanes-Oxley, SEC, EPA, FDA, HIPAA)
  • Thanks to CYA we are able to recover documents whose loss would have been very painful.
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