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Cost-effective Service Level Delivery with Application & Performance Management

In most companies there is significant room for improvement in operating Enterprise Content Management platforms. A proactive monitoring of both the ECM infrastructure in the data center and the performance from an end user perspective allow to improve the service quality and at the same time reduce costs of operation and downtime. An intelligent backup & recovery protects against data losses and allows to minimize time and costs for restoring lost documents and metadata. Measuring and analyzing the end user infrastructure helps Service Desk and IT Operations to better support end users and be more productive.

      • Proactive monitoring of ECM applications and their infrastructure in one Single Point of Control
      • Knowledge Base for faster problem resolution
      • Automation tasks to simplify routine activities
      • Integration into enterprise-wide IT Service Management
      • Monitoring of response times and availability from end user perspective
      • 24x7 and across locations
      • Performance measurement from end user perspective in load and regression testing
      • Service Level Reporting
      • Simple and fast implementation
      • Very easy to use
      • Measuring & Analyzing end user's IT infrastructure
      • Real-time Monitoring of activities, connections, performance and events of all devices in your end user infrastructure
      • Real-time Analysis of root causes and dependencies
      • Real-time Visualization of topography, event timelines, patterns of behavior and trends
      • Online Backup of FileNet Content Engine
      • Backup of content and metadata
      • Granular Recovery of single or multiple documents
      • Drastic improvement of recovery times
      • Drastic reduction of reprocessing efforts in Lines-of-Business
  • System Monitor helps us to manage the ECM Shared Platform around the clock, even if our specialists are not available
    Global Financial Service Provider
  • Nexthink is very innovative and therefore complementary to our current toolset. It allows us to be more proactive in the way we manage our global environment and to reduce the technical support load on IT operations.
    Food Industry
  • Even though that we are just at the beginning of using FileNet P8 we already had two incidents where CYA helped us to recover single documents. Their losses would have been very painful for us.
    Swiss Insurance Company

White Paper Application & Performance Management

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