High project security through the use of market-leading software

Software for reporting purposes, performance analyses and optimization first of all collects company-relevant data from various sources of information and prepares them for you for further processing. This results in meaningful indicators for the most important performance aspects of a company, which can be illustrated with the aid of clear charts or tables. These indicators make performance measurable, controllable and predictable. Their development over the course of time, industry benchmarks or comparisons of similar internal service providers identify weak spots and enable ongoing optimization.

    • IBM Business Intelligence & Analytics

      Ongoing business optimization with IBM Business Intelligence & Analytics

      • IBM Cognos Enterprise BI
      • IBM Cognos Express
      • IBM Cognos Insight
      • IBM Cognos Controller
      • IBM Cognos TM1
      • IBM SPSS Suite
      • IBM Smart Cloud Analytics - Predictive Insight

      IBM Information Management

      With IBM Information Management you provide reliable information corporation-wide

      • IBM InfoShpere Information Server
      • IBM InfoShpere Warehouse
      • IBM Information Governance

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