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IBM Domino

IBM Domino is today still the safest communication software there is, allowing companies to collaborate across organizational boundaries. These applications operationalize and rationalize business processes.

By integrating products such as Quickr, Sametime or Connections, the interfaces for the user are further reduced while functions such as instant messaging, file sharing and social business are added. IBM Domino provides an application platform with which you can create applications with XPages, Java, JavaScript and Notes Script yourself.

IBM Notes

IBM Notes helps you finish your work faster. It centralizes the necessary communication tools on an individually adjustable user interface. Notes connects people across organizational boundaries, drastically promotes team efforts and therefore optimizes information content.

    • IBM Notes already integrates several functions in mail applications, such as instant messaging, Awareness, Connections Feeds, as well as self-made widgets. With its flexible and fully adaptable user interface, you can extend your own desktop with the functions you actually need.

    • The IBM Notes calendar is to this day unique in terms of versatility. You can view your colleagues' calendars as overlays. Book rooms and resources, see who has time and when. Automate confirmations/cancellations for meeting invitations.

    • Create an address book containing contacts with images and contact data. Birthdays are logged automatically in your calendar. Create categories for your contacts and allow your colleagues to access this data.

    • Modular applications are a group of components that encompass special functions to enable access to information from several sources. In this manner, you create modular applications that access sources such as Java applications, Notes databases, the Internet or CRM applications. 

  • IBM Domino and Notes is the comprehensively equipped platform for messaging and online collaboration.