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IBM Traveler

IBM Traveler is a push mail solution that provides quick and uncomplicated access to email, calendar, and contacts for your mobile employees. With Traveler you benefit from sustainable investment protection for your existing Notes and Domino infrastructure. IBM Traveler supports a large number of server operating systems, as well as the client operating systems Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, and also Symbian.


Customers can download IBM Traveler from Passport Advantage and make use of support services within the framework of their respective contract terms. In order to use IBM Traveler at least one Domino server has to be installed.

    • CENIT provides active support in pilot projects that are decisive in the use of IBM Traveler for business purposes. Topics such as client competition, security and BYOD are a challenge to companies. Make use of our knowledge and experience.

    • As Android and iOS are frowned upon by security officers and therefore classified as potential risks, we establish secure connections to mobile devices. With our Security Audit Workshop we show you the options available to you for secure business use.

    • We train your administrators and demonstrate their daily tasks as well as potential troubleshooting measures. Participants apply their newly acquired knowledge on the basis of practical examples.

  • With Traveler, your employees have access to emails, calendar and contacts on mobile devices. IBM Traveler lets you collaborate more closely with your mobile employees, who can stay in touch at any location, access information and make use of the extensive support services for smartphones and tablets.
    Stefan Krüger, IBM