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Legally-compliant email management with iQ.Suite

With iQ.Suite software by GROUP Business Software AG, CENIT offers a comprehensive solution for email management.

All aspects of a secure and legally-compliant email are taken into consideration. The portfolio covers aspects such as virus and spam protection, encryption and liability disclaimer to legally-compliant archiving.

The solution supports the leading email platforms IBM Domino/Notes and Microsoft Exchange/Outlook. The heart of the solutions is the central management of the entire electronic email communication without any user interaction whatsoever.

    • The following software components are an element of email security:

      • Trailer: Rule-based legal disclaimer
      • Watchdog: Central virus protection
      • Wall: Multi-level anti-spam protection and intelligent content analysis
      • Crypt: Server-based email encryption
      • WebCrypt Pro: Email encryption independent of encryption technology
      • WebCrypt Live: Email encryption as service
      • KeyManager: Comprehensive certification and key management
    • The following software components are an element of email archiving:

      • Store: Central server load reduction
      • Bridge: Legally-compliant email archiving and compliance interface
      • Safe: Continuous email storage
    • The following software components are an element of email productivity:

      • Clerk: Rule-based email forwarding
      • Smart: Time-controlled email processing
      • Budget: Efficient cost control
      • Convert: Automatic conversion of email attachments
      • Email Investigator: Comprehensive monitoring and evaluation of email traffic
      • FewClix: Quick and efficient access to email