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ECM - Cross-industry systems

Enterprise Content Management systems are positioned by many analysts as cross-industry solutions. So ECM components are basic services, which are equally necessary in many industries, because the necessity of an orderly e-mail archiving system or a digital personnel or contract file is not limited to certain individual industries.

Benefit from the knowledge and practical implementation examples of existing customers from various industries and areas of application and see for yourself, how our ECM solutions can contribute to your company's success.

... with industry-specific emphasis

In addition to these cross-industry applications Enterprise Content Management systems are of course often integrate into business processes and thus establish industry-specific emphases. The customer file therefore gains in significance with regards to a financial service provider's private customer support and the analysis of unstructured data stock opens up specific specialist opportunities for an international law firm.

The advantages for our customers in the specific industries are shown in our customer references:

Our solutions for your requirements

Let our existing customer solutions and references inspire you, irrespective of whether you have industry specific or cross-industry requirements.

Contact us for further information and examples and take part in our events to meet the specialists from various industries and fields.