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CENIT Application Modernization - Turning old into new!

New customer requirements as well as those of the competition call for extremely fast and flexible responses from companies. Permanent procurement of the latest technologies and the exchange of existing systems however involves very high costs.

CENIT has an extensive offering in terms of application modernization. CENIT experts support you in using new technologies and at the same time in protecting existing investments in legacy applications, neutralizing risks and in reducing costs.

    • More and more companies are aware of the hazards that obsolete programs pose. The applications are often no longer able to keep up with current business requirements. There are many reasons that may make modernization a necessity. The strategic realignment of the company, increased competitive pressure, new regulations, lacking flexibility or user friendliness are all reasons for modernization. The risk potential of lacking know-how, the reduction of technological diversity and excessively high operating costs result in indispensable modernization measures.

    • CENIT offers a broad range of services for the modernization of your ECM applications. Our customers appreciate the experience and competence of CENIT experts not just with the migration and consolidation of data stocks and databases, but also with the introduction of new front-end technologies or the update of existing software components. We support you in the strategic transformation of your ECM architecture and infrastructure, the integration of new technologies and optimization of existing applications to new application scenarios as well as making existing functionalities accessible to new areas of application.

    • CENIT has implemented its experience in proven methods and standardized tools. Our aim is to successfully implement your application modernization, starting from the analysis of the starting situation and conception, implementation, quality management, risk monitoring to retaining results with proven services.

      • Investment protection through modernization
      • Re-use of knowledge and resources
      • Minimization of risk for operational safety and serviceability
      • Simpler implementation with fewer risks than alternative solutions
      • Flexibility for new competition and customer requirements
      • Reduction of operating costs
      • Improved time-to-market processes