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  • Project Execution and Accompaniment
  • Project Execution and Accompaniment

Successful projects in time, budget and quality

Success factors such as planning, know-how and product knowledge, central and transparent communication, in-depth risk assessment and quality management are indispensable for a project.

CENIT has a broad employee skill portfolio and therefore offers everything for the successful handling of a project from a single source. We are able to ideally staff your project to ensure its success.

    • CENIT consultants have extensive know-how and experience in our partners' products as well as in our own products. The offering is further completed by unified skills in business and process consulting, IT infrastructure and architecture issues, application development, test, quality and project management.

      Our consultants adapt standard products through customizing and parameterization to your specific needs and thus model your business processes.

    • CENIT products are an ideal supplement to the standard products you implement. Data migration, reorganization due to changes in the infrastructure, data splitting or data merging are implemented with CENIT in-house standard products.

      This enables our consultants to implement functionalities and experiences from many other projects in your projects as well. Ultimately this will result in your business processes benefiting from a considerably higher degree of productivity.

    • We offer individual solutions based on standard products and develop product extensions, upgrades and adjustments to the standard software and integrate these in the products. Interface programming and integration into applications you already have running round off our service offering.

    • Professional project management with accurate project and milestone planning, constant risk management, ongoing project monitoring and control, regular progress controls, reporting, cost planning, best-possible quality and test management as well as strict approval processes and controlled transition into regular operation are at the forefront of our projects.