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CENIT eMigrator - the lean solution for the migration of your electronic documents

CENIT eMigrator is a solution that has been specially developed for the migration of extensive document volumes. Conceived as a modular component, CENIT eMigrator provides numerous reusable functionalities for the migration of electronic documents and can also be easily and flexibly extended to meet specific customer requirements.

CENIT eMigrator - Overview


  • CENIT eMigrator has been proven in various migration projects as an easy and reliable tool and also offers:

    • Read modules for many IBM ECM products - e.g. FileNet Image Services, IBM FileNet P8, FileNet Panagon Content Services and for file systems incl. nested structures
    • Write modules for many IBM ECM products such as IBM FileNet P8 and for file systems incl. nested structures
    • A transformation module for configurable mapping of meta data of documents - e.g. document classes, properties, security and annotations
    • Rendition modules for format conversion of document content - e.g. for the conversion of content of single page TIFF to multi-page TIFF
    • Verification of completeness for audit with document catalog in relational database

      • Stability and durability through deployment in many migration projects
      • Support of several source and target systems
      • Restartability and progress control with document catalog in relational database
      • High throughput with parallel processing
      • Low hardware and software requirements through lean architecture
      • Great flexibility through high degree of configuration options
      • Easy extendibility for project-specific requirements thanks to the modular structure
      • Supports format conversions, e.g. from single-page TIFF to multi-page TIFF
      • The ability to precisely track every single document by logging all actions at document level
      • Executability on all relevant operating systems by selecting Java-based technologies
      • Migration in CENIT ECLISO structures
      • Tried and tested project procedures as well as CENIT migration expertise through extensive deployment and wealth of experience
      • Auditing acceptability through the integrated proof of completeness and unaltered transfer of documents
      • Lean migration projects
      • The possibility to divide migrations into several smaller delta migrations
      • Uninterrupted continued daily business via a scheduling mechanism for the controlled burdening of productively deployed source systems
      • Simple deployment and operation through lightweight runtime environment
      • The possibility to increase the quality of meta data by supplementing it with information from external systems
      • Exact reporting and monitoring (also remote) as well as the precise prognosis of (remaining) runtime
    • Project 1:

      • Number of documents: ~ 100 million
      • Project duration: ~ 1 year
      • Source system: File system
      • Target system: IBM FileNet P8 4.5.1

      Project 2:

      • Number of documents: 140 000
      • Project duration: 2 months
      • Source system: FileNet Panagon Content Services 5.2
      • Target system: IBM FileNet P8 5.0
      • SV Informatik GmbH
      • W&W Informatik GmbH
    • CENIT e MIGRATOR Architektur
  • In the conceptual design and the development of the eMigrator, we intentionally focussed on keeping software requirements low and on ensuring easy extendibility - this way, the tool can be operated in virtually any customer infrastructure and we minimize programming input for project-specific extensions.
    Thomas Schaper - CENIT ECM Consulting