Changing archiving systems made easy

CENIT SAPMIG is the audit-proof, optimized response to the migration requirements of SAP documents from an existing archive to a new one. The system is tailored to your specific needs and extended if necessary. 

Flexible migration sequence

If you need a new archive in the short-term, you can perform an upstream migration. This means, you already start archiving in the new archive and then retrieve the old documents.

If you want to initially  prepare the new system in the background, you can turn the sequence around and continue to scan the documents into the old archive. Via downstream migration, the documents are then transferred block by block to the new archive.

    • You are secured with certified and audit-proof SAP interfaces. CENIT SAPMIG runs within your SAP system. It is ensured that the documents are moved correctly from the old archive to the new one.

    • CENIT SAPMIG is individually adjusted to your needs and also extended if necessary. 

    • The migration can be performed by the customer himself or as a CENIT service. The timeframe for the migration can be adjusted individually. The migration is divided into several partial migrations.

    • Archiving with the IBM FileNet P8 ContentManager

      For instance, you can use the IBM FileNet P8 ContentManager to archive your documents. A special metadata transfer is possible. This way, you can make convenient use and integrate documents in other ECM solutions, such as CENIT ECLISO.

    • With the audit-proof ArchiveLink interface, you can securely read and write documents via the certificate-bound "IBM Content Collector for SAP R/3".