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CENIT IMPORTMANAGER - importing without boundaries.

The diversity of departmental and back-office systems, communication, graphic, management and office applications leads to a large variety of information sources and formats within a company.

Yet how do files, documents and information from this environment find their way into the enterprise content management system?

CENIT IMPORTMANAGER enables you to transfer the documents created by your employees, the relevant output of your software systems, as well as incoming and outgoing mail from all common sources directly into your ECM system. At the same time, all documents are classified, indexed and transferred to the electronic file.

Constantly changing connections and import interfaces are therefore no longer necessary.

CENIT IMPORTMANAGER - flexibility, stability and reliability.

      • Importing input data from file and database systems as well as other systems
      • Uniform filing system in the ECM system and putting security in place
      • Reading out index values and indexing documents
      • Optional creation of folder structures
      • Format conversion option
      • Flexibly extendable with the support of many IT standards and interfaces
      • Sophisticated error handling with e-mail notification in the event of problems
      • Reporting and statistical evaluations
      • Scheduling function for the time control of individual import jobs
      • Extendable thanks to its modular structure and flexible architecture
      • Support of several input sources
      • Very flexible, process-oriented
      • Integration with other CENIT products, such as ECLISO, INES, SAPIC
      • Time-controlled and rule-based processing
      • Optional monitoring via the IBM ECM System Monitor
      • Secure, time-controlled import and transfer procedure
      • Automatic indexing without manual effort
      • Documents from external scanning service providers can be provided via FTP, DVD or web service
      • One solution for all information sources / uniform procedure
      • High-performance, quick and scalable solution
      • Parsing modules for index files
      • Validation modules
      • Configurable ECM search components
      • more than 100 components to enable communication to external systems, such as FTP, web services, JMS, ...
    • The ImportManager is based on the CENIT SERVICEMANAGER. The deployment of CENIT CARISMA Frameworks enables the support of all IBM ECM systems. The ImportManager is based on a state-of-the-art OSGI platform with extensive monitoring and administration functionalities.