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CENIT SAP Archiving – more than just standard!

SAP archiving is an indispensable necessity for most companies. Although information is stored in the company archive, only SAP users have access to it. The aim is to avoid such closed off information silos.

Processing is still performed in the SAP environment with paper and documents are only archived at the end of the process.

Change to early archiving! Integrate your documents into your workflows - this guarantees high productivity increases.

CENIT offers products and services for SAP archiving. With SAPIC & INES, CENIT also offers options to sustainably increase the profitability of this solution and to considerably increase the efficiency and quality of your business processes.

    • SAP Index Synchronization (INES) developed by CENIT transfers business metadata of incoming and outgoing documents (e.g. customer, invoice or personnel number), which are only available in SAP to your business archive, making them available to all authorized users, even to those without an SAP client.

      CENIT SAP Insert Connection (SAPIC) is a product developed by CENIT that connects documents created or entered outside of SAP and placed in an IBM ECM system to an SAP operation. This way, documents can be archived at an early stage, be integrated into the business processes and searched and displayed from SAP.

      • Automated archive indexing with metadata from SAP
      • Automated linking of ECM documents with SAP operations
      • Allocation of SAP documents to archive files and folders
      • No extensive, manual allocations/links required
      • Access from SAP and ECM systems without double archiving
      • Can be integrated with SAP Business Workflow
      • Integration of scanning and input scenarios with barcode support
      • Absolute compatibility with the SAP ArchiveLink interface
      • Simple configuration as it is a CENIT standard product
      • Transparent incoming document processes through archiving as early as the inbox
      • Qualified document search and access to SAP documents outside SAP (CENIT ECLISO)
      • Automated start of the (SAP) business processes allocated to the respective document type
      • Productivity increase through accelerated processing of incoming documents in SAP
      • Increased information security and fulfillment of legal and fiscal requirements (HGB, AO, GOB/GoBS, GDPdU, etc.)
      • Savings in terms of SAP licenses
      • CENIT INES (SAP Index Synchronization)
      • CENIT SAPIC (SAP Insert Connection)
    • INES and SAPIC are CENIT Java services outside of SAP They make use of connectors to access SAP R/3 and IBM ECM systems based on the standard SAP Java Connector (SAP JCo) and the standard Java APIs from IBM.