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CENIT Complaint Management

Effectively process, analyze and avoid customer complaints

A comprehensive complaint management system provides businesses with a variety of challenges. On the one hand complaints should be dealt with using uniform processes in an automated and efficient way. On the other hand complaints should be handled in a customer orientated, individualized way whilst still meeting company policies and legal guidelines. All this AND understanding the complaints and the reasons for them are analyzed and understood to help avoid the future reoccurrence of problems.

The CENIT Complaint Management solution detects, captures and handles complaints in a measured and process oriented manner. It additionally provides tools and measures to help counteract complaints.

    • The CENIT Complaint Management solution deals with complaints effectively; automates the sub-processes involved and delivers the required transparency about the process and defines measures in order to act against complaints.

      • Use synergies using a comprehensive application for electronic records management, case- and document management and process support
      • Ability to provide information to customers through the centralized and structured storage of all relevant documents and proven technology for audit-proof archiving
      • Analysis of customer correspondence, early detection of trend of problem cases and the definition of process driven measures
      • Optimization and support of process handling
      • Additional functions for financial services to fulfill CENIT complaint management handles, in a controlled and transparent way, business wide complaints and feedback.

      CENIT complaint management handles, in a controlled and transparent way, business wide complaints and feedback.

      CENIT consultants have many years of professional expertise and can tailor the design and implementation of CENIT Complaint Management to meet the individual requirements of your business.

      • Cost reductions through the optimization of complaint management

        • Automization of process steps
        • Creation of ad-hoc processes during processing
        • Targeted process routing to departments, specialists, clerks
        • Complaint analysis to help avoid repetition

      • Data-protected and auditable central repository
      • Transparency and traceability throughout the entire process
      • Early warning system through analysis, key performance identification – also based on unstructured data
      • Trend recognition by extending the analysis to social networks, internet forum and company networks
      • Automatic assignment, optical character recognition (OCR) and classification of incoming mail
      • Location independent through web applications and mobile devices
      • Additionally: BaFin compliant complaint