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Use information and knowledge as capital for your company!

Among many electronic sources, paper also plays a decisive role in daily business processing. The high number of information silos, constant media breaks and the resulting multiple data entry considerably impair efficient processing. The challenge is not the lack of information, but rather the surplus of information and the diminished ability that this entails to take appropriate action.

A corporate-wide content management system creates clarity and comprehensively provides your employees with relevant business information.

CENIT not only implements market-leading content management systems, it also integrates them into existing IT landscapes to cater to your exact needs.

    • With an ECM system, unified business information can be used in many different ways. Extensive searching in old archives and storage media is a thing of the past. Information can be searched for and displayed within seconds, irrespective of its format, with one single metadata search command (metadata is information that was assigned to your documents and information when they are stored) as well as a content-based full-text search.

      With the file functions, you access similar file structures, navigation and analysis possibilities via Explorer.

    • Improving information management will be a central task in companies in the future.

      This not only involves the electronic provision of data. Information also often ends where the respective department does. By not having general access to documents and information within the company means that information that is critical to a company's competitive edge remains locked up.

      Make your business knowledge transparent.

      Content & document management is the basis for providing business knowledge quickly and comprehensively at the right time and to the right person.

    • Reservations one may have against electronic document processing are fully unfounded. With the state-of-the-art ECM solutions from CENIT, you have access to all the tools you need for fast processing. Irrespective of whether you want to put a stamp on electronic paper, highlight text or add a note.

      The annotation tools offer all the functions you know from working with paper. With version management, you can easily document every processing status and thus also meet compliance guidelines. Check-in and check-out functions regulate multiple processing and mobile offline processing.