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Contract Management with CENIT –Transparency, Efficiency and Control.

Does your enterprise have to draw up and manage a great number of contracts and contract-related documents, and monitor contract deadlines and execution?

Rely on CENIT ECLISO Contract Management to gain Transparency, Efficiency and Control.

The introduction of an IT-based contract management system creates uniform structures for all contract-relevant documents and offers your various departments tools for centralized evaluation and availability of detailed contractual information. The system supports the drafting and extension of contracts as well as controlling of running contracts.

CENIT ECLISO Contract Management is a comprehensive solution based on our clients’ specific requirements. It covers the entire contract management process all the way from contract development to archiving of completed contracts.

    • Solutions for Your Enterprise

      CENIT ECLISO Contract Management covers all core elements of contract management. Additionally, it can be flexibly customized in line with your individual structures and needs. Because all participating enterprise segments are integrated end-to-end process support is guaranteed.

      We offer you a centralized, IT-based management system for a maximum variety of contract types. The core processes, from contract development to contract management to contract archiving, are mapped in a central IT architecture. The transparency and security required for contract controlling are assured by a reporting system and support for auditing and risk assessment.

    • End-to-End Process Support for Your Contract Management

      • Eliminate that mountain of files: Copies no longer have to be kept by all departments.
      • Traceability of the contract development process.
      • Utilization of your individual contract templates.
      • Rapid availability of up-to-date information for all participants.
      • Centralized reporting and controlling based on your current contract data.
      • Reduced access times thanks to direct workstation availability.
      • Maximum security thanks to effective access safeguards regarding view and modify authorizations for contracts and/or contract details. Each target group sees only the contract details relevant to that group.
      • Audit compliance and simplified auditing thanks to pre-defined processes and documented histories.
      • Customizable and expandable to suit your individual requirements.
    • Data processing still makes use of the traditional file structures we know from paper files. Folders, indexes, tabs, etc. are classification criteria for customer, credit, personnel or contract files.

      CENIT has visualized it's file structure with predefined classification criteria in its ECM client ECLISO. Employees can navigate through these structures and have access to all subject-related information.

    • CENIT ECLISO iQ offers intelligent structures that go beyond typical file structures and functions.

      Create intuitive marks, notes and comments while you read and make reference to external sources and other documents.

      eDiscovery tools are used to analyze and open upon relations among large volumes of data. The particular benefit of this is the possibility to create results documents automatically with the use of templates and to also transfer notes, comments and references as well as their structures. Extensive copying and pasting is no longer necessary. These documents can simply be processed with your regular (Office) tools.