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Bring your files to life!

Despite having an archive and document management system, processing is often still done on paper. The document is stored in the archive at the end of its processing cycle and delays further processing as a result of transit and down times. Reference files and copies containing various pieces of processing information are difficult to consolidate. The exact processing status of a case can hardly be determined. Quality and efficiency of processes cannot be measured.

Constantly changing competition and market situations require the highest degree of flexibility.

CENIT offers you all variants of process and workflow management: Document logistics from the inbox to processing or corporation-wide end-to-end process automation from the front and middle to the back office.

With our workflow management solutions and the CENIT files, you reduce lead times, eliminate media breaks, reveal weak points and enable the sustainable optimization of your business processes.

    • Incoming mail in your company, be it paper, e-mail, fax or other sources, is digitalized, analyzed and transferred electronically with metadata to its respective processing channels. Employees see their tasks either in their personal inbox or their assigned group inboxes. The various document management and file functions give the employee direct access to relevant information ensuring quick and efficient processing. Once their task is complete, a simple click releases the activity, making it immediately available for the next automatic activity or the next manual processing step.

    • Workflow management enables the full automation of all processing steps, such as completing activity data, collecting information, monitoring deadlines, and checking document completeness.

      Just imagine, your ECM system will tell you when a contract is scheduled to expire, when a deadline is exceeded or when you risk losing discount entitlements.

    • Processing steps are continuously documented in the ECM system. The transparent processing status leads to higher information availability and increased competitive edge.

      Reporting, statistics and continuous evaluations based on this data provide information to detect bottlenecks and over-capacities at an early stage, to manage personnel and resources in a targeted manner and thus to constantly optimize your business processes.

      You benefit from the automation of your business processes, flexibility and transparency of business processes with the electronic workflow management system.

    • Data processing still makes use of the traditional file structures we know from paper files. Folders, indexes, tabs, etc. are classification criteria for customer, credit, personnel or contract files.

      CENIT has visualized it's file structure with predefined classification criteria in its ECM client ECLISO. Employees can navigate through these structures and have access to all subject-related information.

    • CENIT ECLISO iQ offers intelligent structures that go beyond typical file structures and functions.

      Create intuitive marks, notes and comments while you read and make reference to external sources and other documents.

      eDiscovery tools are used to analyze and open upon relations among large volumes of data. The particular benefit of this is the possibility to create results documents automatically with the use of templates and to also transfer notes, comments and references as well as their structures. Extensive copying and pasting is no longer necessary. These documents can simply be processed with your regular (Office) tools.