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CENIT Input Management & Archiving - Legal security from the very beginning!

Fulfillment of compliance requirements is a management responsibility. Business documents often have to be stored for very long periods of time. Paper impairs efficient business processes. Electronic archives are required in order to comply with standards and provisions such as HGB, AO, GoB/GoBS, GDPdU, SOX, etc. and to be able to survive the increasing pressure of the competition.

Auditing acceptability must not just be verified in the archive, but as early as the inbox and throughout the entire lifecycle of the documents and data.

CENIT has software products and many years of experience in input management and archiving solutions and offers all you need to securely meet compliance requirements and regulations.

    • In the age of electronic media, incoming mail has been extended to also include e-mail, fax, DE-Mail, E-Postbrief and social media.

      CENIT offers highly scalable scan solutions from single workstations to entire mail sorting lines for central group mailrooms. Themes such as barcode, separator sheets, OCR, digital signature, etc. are implemented in projects by our experts on a daily basis. Other media is accepted via customized capture solutions and like the scanned entries are automatically forwarded to the ECM / archival system or to the proper processor.

    • In order for digital documents to be properly identified and managed, they have to be linked to your business data, i.e. be indexed with metadata. CENIT has solutions for manual and automated indexing, in which the intelligent software deciphers the content of the documents and automatically assigns business-related metadata.

      Of course, functions such as the optimization of image quality and empty page removal are also part of our offering.

    • After indexing, your documents are automatically archived and protected against changes. Extensive processing tools enable the provision of annotations, versioning, resubmission, etc. making work clearly more efficient than the original paper method.

      For many years, CENIT experts have been successfully implementing and supporting archival and ECM solutions with the ECM systems of our market-leading technology partner IBM. Many CENIT customers have placed their trust in this constellation. With it, you also can benefit from the secure treatment of your documents and information as well as the best prerequisites in meeting your compliance requirements.

    • Archives are often becoming "data cemeteries". Hardly anyone ever bothers to actually delete archived contents once the retention period has expired. Plus, some documents may only be deleted following a certain period (e.g. the written warning in the personnel file)!

      CENIT also offers efficient solutions for tasks pertaining to lifecycle management.