Introduction to ABAQUS/CAE

Course ID SIMULIA022
Type Seminar

This training gives a complete introduction to the ABAQUS/CAE GUI. All modules are explained and practised within workshops. Additionally the relevant solver features are explained to enable the attendees to build and to run own FEA-models.

  • The course will have a special focus on:
  • Use Abaqus/CAE to create complete finite element models
  • Use Abaqus/CAE to submit and monitor analysis jobs
  • Use Abaqus/CAE to view and evaluate simulation results
  • Solve structural analysis problems using Abaqus/Standard and Abaqus/Explicit, including the effects of material nonlinearity, large deformation and contact.
Target group



Basic knowledge of the finite element method (FEM) is helpful. Good knowledge of structural mechanics is mandatory.


The following topics are covered:

  • Linear and nonlinear structural analysis
  • Static, dynamic and heat transfer analysis
  • Material models
  • Loads and constraints
  • Modeling contact
  • Selecting the appropriate elements for your problem
  • Feature-based modeling, parts and assemblies
  • Working with CAD geometry and imported meshes
  • Mesh generation techniques
  • Creating, submitting and monitoring analysis jobs
  • Viewing simulation results
  • Restarting an analysis

3 days

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12.12.2023 - 14.12.2023 Stuttgart Deutsch 8 1.380,00 EUR S1002918

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