Simulate Heat Transfer and Stresses with Abaqus

Course ID SIMULIA002
Type Seminar

In the course you will learn to consider thermal and mechanical properties in structural simulations as well, which is often of crucial importance in the development process. With Abaqus, problems of steady-state and transient heat conduction - with convection and thermal radiation - can be treated both linearly and with consideration of nonlinear effects. To analyze the thermal stresses, the temperature field can be sequentially coupled. Alternatively, deformations and temperatures can be treated simultaneously in a fully coupled thermo-mechanical simulation.

Target group

The course is created for engineers who already have experience with structural analysis using Abaqus.


The course is a supplement to Introduction to Abaqus/Standart and -/Explicit.


The following topics are covered:

  • Introduction to heat transfer
  • Methods for thermal analysis
  • Thermal loads, boundary conditions and interfaces
  • Thermal stress analysis (sequentially coupled and fully coupled)
  • Adiabatic analyses

2 days


USD 920,00

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