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The Simpack Rail training explains how to use Modeling Elements to simulate rail-wheel contact, how to set up entire vehicle models, and the most important analysis types for rail vehicles.

It also introduces rail vehicle specific elements such as tracks, irregularities, wheel and rail profiles, suspension elements.

Target group

Simulation analysts and design engineers in the railway industry.
Multibody simulation experts with no previous experience of railway simulation in Simpack.


Before undertaking this course, you should have completed the Introduction to Simpack training course -

Some familiarity with fundamental railway theory


The following topics are covered:

  • All necessary elements for railway modeling like Track, Rail-Wheel Pairs, Contact Evaluation, Creepage, Tangential Forces,…
  • Set up railway vehicles according to common concepts
  • Set up, run and analyze typical applications for railway models
  • Critical speed analysis
  • Derailment, Comfort, Roll Coefficient
  • Optional Topics like Independent Wheels, Roller Rig or Elastic Foundation

2 days

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