ISIN DE0005407100, WKN 540710
Stock exchange: XETRA

CENIT SHARE Initial listing

Project statement on CENIT listing in 1998

Stuttgart-based CENIT is one of the leading medium-sized software firms and service providers for information technology and electronic data processing. The revenues from its listing on 6 May 1998 will, on the one hand, help increase the company's equity-to-asset ratio and, on the other hand, provide solid financing for the continued dynamic growth of CENIT AG in the next two to three years. CENIT's listing on the Neuer Markt segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange underlines its pioneering role as a provider of innovative and seminal state-of-the-art technology.

Initial listing: 6 May 1998
Segment: Neuer Markt, Frankfurt
Security Code Number (WKN): 540710
Bookbuilding procedure period: 28–30 April 1998
Bookbuilding range: 100.00 to 125.00 DM
Issue price: 125.00 DM
Issued shares: up to 1,000,000 ordinary shares with a nominal value of 5.00 DM each
Dividend entitlement: for the entire fiscal year 1998
Underwriting syndicate: Baden-Württembergische Bank AG, Bayerische Vereinsbank, DG Bank AG, Dresdner Bank AG

Fiscal calendar

April 1, 2019
Release of Annual Report 2018

May 9, 2019

Release of 3-Months Report 2019

May 13-15, 2019

German Spring Conference, Frankfurt

May 24, 2019

Annual Shareholder's Meeting

August 01, 2019

Release of 6-Months Report 2019

November 05, 2019

Release of 9-Months Report 2019



The CENIT share opened the 2018 trading year at €20.14 and closed the year at €21.37. The average daily trade volume on all German stock exchanges over the last 52 weeks came to 17,024 shares a day. The average selling price for 2017 was €21.21, with a 52-week high of €23.99 and a low of €19.19. In total, around three million shares were traded. Due to the high free float percentage, only approximate data can be provided on shareholder structure, resulting in the following overview of the size and composition of the group of shareholders. The CENIT share is listed on the Prime Standard of the German Stock Exchange and fulfils applicable international requirements on transparency.

Equity subject to reporting/disclosure

CompanyDeclared onShares%
LOYS AG12.02.2018434,2395.19
Allianz Global Investors01.07.2014420,9585.03
LBBW Asset Management15.11.2011385,4214.61
Baden-Württembergische Versorgungsanstalt für Ärzte, Zahnärzte21.07.2016287,0003.43

General data

Security Code Number (WKN): 540710
Reuters Ticker/Bloomberg Ticker: CSHG.F
ISIN: DE0005407100
Sector: Software
Production & Products & Services: Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Enterprise Information Management (EIM), Application Management Services (AMS)
Executive Board: Kurt Bengel (Spokesman), Matthias Schmidt
Total Number of Shares: 8,367,758
Free Float %: 77%
Avg. Daily Volume (shares): 8,764
Accounting Method: IAS
52-Week Range 2018: 21.40 Euro / 12.45 Euro
Key Success Factors: Product Lifecycle Management, Enterprise Information Management, Application Management Services, CENIT Software
End of Fiscal Year: December 31st

Total revenueEBITDAEBITNet IncomeEPS in €Dividend / share in €Equity ratio in %EmployeesNo. of shares
2018169.9911.959.036.130.73 0.6049.407578,367,758

Figures in millions of euros, if not otherwise indicated
2006: Capital increase, Stock split 1:2
1999: Capital increase, Stock split 1:4

Directors' dealings disclosures

Pursuant to Section 15a Para 4 of the German Securities Trading Act, CENIT AG is required to immediately disclose notifications provided by Management and Supervisory Board members, as well as people closely associated with them, regarding directors' dealings with shares of the company or related financial instruments.


29.05.2017: Andreas Schmidt, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Sell (OTC): 20,000 shares; Price: €22.20; Total volume: €444,000


16.12.2015: Andreas Schmidt, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Sell (OTC): 3,000 shares; Price: €21.35; Total volume: €64,050
11.12.2015: Andreas Schmidt, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Sell (OTC): 5,000 shares; Price: €21.55; Total volume: €107,750
22.06.2015: Andreas Schmidt, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Sell (OTC): 75,000 shares; €15.50; Total volume: €1,162,500


10.10.2013: Matthias Schmidt, Member of the Management Board, Buy (XETRA): 670 shares; Price: €9.00; Total volume: €6,030.00


02.08.2012: Christian Pusch, Member of the Management Board, Sell (XETRA): 8,000 shares; Price: €6.76; Total volume: €54,080.00


03.05.2011: Andreas Karrer, Member of the Supervisory Board, Buy (STUTTGART): 1,000 shares; Price: €5.49; Total volume: €5,490.00
21.04.2011: Christian Pusch, Member of the Management Board, Buy (XETRA): 8,000 shares; Price: €5.174; Total volume: €41,392.00
21.04.2011: Kurt Bengel, Member of the Management Board, Buy (XETRA): 6,000 shares; Price: €5.19; Total volume: €31,140.00


20.02.2007: Andreas Schmidt, Member of the Management Board until 31 July 2007, Sell (OTC): 100,000 shares; Price: €13.00; Total volume: €1,300,000.00

Research reports

At present, three banks/research companies are producing research reports on CENIT. These concern recommendations put forth by ODDO SEYDLER BANK AG, Frankfurt, Hauck & Aufhäuser, Hamburg and GBC AG, Augsburg.

ODDO BHF AG, Bockenheimer Landstraße 10, 60323 Frankfurt,

The analysts at ODDO BHF AG periodically publish reports on the performance of the CENIT share. The latest reports will soon be available to download below.

Update, 08.11.2018
Update, 11.05.2018
Update Q3, 03.11.2017
Update Q1, 16.05.2017
Initial Coverage, 12.05.2017

Warburg Research GmbH, Hermannstraße 9, 20095 Hamburg,

The analysts at M. M. Warburg periodically publish reports on the performance of the CENIT share. The latest reports are available to download below.

CENIT Comment, 02.08.2019
CENIT Comment, 10.05.2019
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CENIT Full Note, 23.11.2018


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