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Collaborative and Industrialized Construction

SHoP maximizes collaboration with 3DEXPERIENCE on the Cloud

Skanska Finland controls project cost with ENOVIA V6


    • Eliminate Waste and Increase Profits

      Optimized Construction provides four key benefits. The first benefit is controlling costs through better visibility. Real time project status will identify tasks which cause cost risks. Additionally, there is a link to procurement which enhances cost control. The second benefit is improved cash flow. Better measurement of work breakdown and completion results in earned value approach. This, coupled with prefab delivery, will result in earlier payment. The third benefit is the single 3D version of the truth. 3D visualization results in clear understanding of a complex project through a common language. Workers at all levels can understand their specific role and how that fits in the grand design. The fourth benefit is minimized waste. Achieve Lean project delivery and minimize waste with an executable and reasonable plan based on the real state of the project in real time.

      Discover the values of Optimized Construction Industry Solution Experience:

      • Reduces schedule and budget overruns through real-time project updates that prevent problems before they happen.
      • Keeps expectations aligned through improved communication among all project stakeholders.
      • Prevents outdated communications by ensuring consistent information is used and maintaining 4D as a common language.
      • Simplifies information access by separating the most meaningful information from the flood of project data.
      • Keeps the project on its critical path by dramatically reducing project risks and wasted time.
    • Connect Your Design Data from Concept through Fabrication for Collaborative, Industrialized Construction

      Façade Design for Fabrication provides a robust solution to develop conceptual models of buildings and extend the façade through design, fabrication, and even into construction.

      • Plan buildings using dynamic tools that validate requirements as you work
      • Develop design further including shape, pattern, structure, and detail
      • Extend design model data to automate shop drawings and bills of materials (BOMs)

      Key capabilities & benefits

      • Better Buildings to Delight Customers: Save time, reduce process dead-ends, validate requirements in real time, and exceed customer expectations
      • Industrialized Construction: Reduce waste by extending conceptual model data into fabrication with collaboration and scalability on the cloud
      • Single 3D Version of The Truth: “Same page” authoring tools provide a 3D Master version for the entire project team
      • The Power of 3DEXPERIENCE: Business experience platform creates collaborative, interactive environment connecting people
    • Drive Collaboration and Efficiency of Infrastructure Projects

      Public works project owners have a strong responsibility to the public to create infrastructure that meets user needs while reducing problems of construction. Research finds that the public’s willingness to pay for projects increases when it’s evident that cost-effective measures are implemented. Plus, there is increased collaboration on financing, with public owners turning to public-private partnerships and private financial initiatives. This is driving increased collaboration among all stakeholders in design and construction.

      The 3DEXPERIENCE® platform enables simultaneous real-time access to design models and project data -- from anywhere and across different disciplines. This creates an interactive community of owners, engineers, and civil designers who can work in parallel, share data, and build quality and efficiency into every project.

      Key capabilities & benefits

      • Move the traditional 2D layout into a BIM from which drawings can easily be produced
      • Link engineering data to every model, promoting time-saving pre-fabrication
      • Use an end-to-end solution for solid continuity from design through construction
      • Ensure real-time information is used, reducing errors and requests for information