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Competitive pressure in the consumer goods industry not only makes regular innovations in terms of design indispensable but also with regard to the product itself. A befitting and fresh design today is a standard product feature, which on its own does not provide the decisive competitive edge. New products must be introduced to the market quickly and in line with consumer needs in order to set themselves apart from others. Only those who optimize their business processes and who can offer the right product to their customers, at the right time, in the required quality and at the right price will become market leaders.

... and it's best to get it right the first time!

CENIT solutions for the consumer goods industry help you involve your employees across all departments and locations in digital product development and thus optimize your development process. With our integrated requirement management, not only are you able to identify customer requirements, but you can also ensure that they are taken into consideration throughout all phases of digital product development. Not only does this enable you to introduce your product to the market quickly and within the defined budget, but you can also make it more appealing. (Right2Market)

This will turn your company into an industry leader, no matter what product you make.

      • Product & Requirement Management
      • Program and Project Management
      • Product Development
      • Systems Engineering
      • Product Data Management
      • Change Management
      • BOM Management
      • Document Management
      • 3D Design
      • Mechatronics & Electronics
      • Simulation & Tolerance Simulation
      • Technical Documentation & Communication
      • Spare Parts Catalogs & Solutions
      • Networked Collaboration
      • PLM Consulting
      • PLM System Introduction
      • PLM Process Optimization
      • Method Development/Optimization
      • Application On-Site Support
      • Support Concept
      • Certifications
    • As a recognized consulting and software specialist, CENIT has an extensive training offering in the area of PLM/CAD/CAM. This offering is supplemented by individual training sessions, which our experts would be happy to compile for you based on your requirements.

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