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Repetitive processes in ENOVIA/SmarTeam…

How often do you find yourself in the position that your creative working time is limited by repetitive standard tasks?

You do not have the time to automate or perhaps you do not know how?

You simply want to concentrate on your core business?

... automate quickly and easily

With the CENIT JobServer solution, repetitive processes, such as data conversions, print jobs, data exports, etc. can be processed automatically.

The CENIT JobServer is easy to configure and expand and can be integrated quickly into the existing infrastructure. Complete integration in ENOVIA SmarTeam is also possible.

The reliability / traceability of the individual processes is guaranteed through the comprehensive logging of the respective work steps.

    • Based on predefined events, such as CAD Save or lifecycle operations, CAD data can automatically be converted to predefined standard formats such as: SMG, DXF, STEP, PDF, etc.

    • The CENIT Jobserver supports unattended processes such as master data exchange or data exports and imports. The Jobserver triggers time- or event-driven processes. This way, fully automated data exchange can be executed between various systems.

    • The CENIT Jobserver supports unattended processes such as combining and processing print jobs. These processes can be triggered in a time- or event-driven manner.