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Engineering Change Management

Manufacturing companies are faced with the challenge to reduce cycle times during the production process while at the same time, ensuring an increase in quality. Based on a structured change process involving all individuals from Development, Planning and Manufacturing,

CENIT solutions for change management minimize throughput times for the implementation of constructive changes. At the same time, the secured involvement of all relevant departments sustainably improves the quality of product development.


  • Lacking standardization and safeguarding of change processes with respect to the system
  • Throughput times too long until changes have been effectively implemented
  • Lacking transparency via process status
  • Evaluation of defined key performance indicators (KPI) difficult to realize
  • No realistic assessment of outlay and effects of changes
  • Wrong decisions on the basis of incomplete information
  • Penalties for late or incorrect deliveries
  • No structured documentation or quick and simple traceability of process steps and decisions
  • No integration of change data in lifecycle systems (ERP/PDM)
    • The typical challenges of an effective change process can be implemented with a holistic and comprehensive PLM-based solution approach:

      • Linking problem messages, change requests and change orders
      • Cross-product usage lists create transparency across the entire scope of changes
      • Agile change management through workflow-aided change requests and orders (ECR/ECO) with digital signature
      • Integration of everyone involved and decision makers in the company as well as a standardized decision-making process
      • Implementation of changes via all manufacturing locations, with any potentially deviating manufacturing processes is ensured
      • Online access to all relevant product data, decisions and the currently applicable configuration
      • Harmonization of the change process between project partners and the reduction of costs in the change process. (VDA4965ECM)
      • Legally and standard-compliant documentation and traceability of all decisions. (FDA 21CRF Part11, DIN 69901-5, etc.)
      • System-aided synchronization of revisions and validities between PLM and ERP systems
      • cenitSPIN relies on simplicity and clarity for maximum efficiency.
      • ENOVIA V6 is the enterprise PLM solution for the holistic and enterprise-wide management and control of all product data and processes of the entire product lifecycle with consistent methods, models and tools from development and production to sales, maintenance and disposal along the extended logistics chain. ENOVIA V6 offers preconfigured best-practice methods for change management that can be optionally adapted to company-specific requirements

        • ENOVIA Engineering Central (ENG) offers spare parts management for development and for the entire product lifecycle, for the management of development BOMs, it supports the product development change process (ECR/ECO), parts usage lists, technical documentation management and provides the basis for an ERP coupling
        • ENOVIA Engineering Configuration Central (ECC) offers advanced configuration management as well as the effectiveness management of configuration units (baselining)
        • ENOVIA X-BOM Manufacturing (MFG) enables the consolidated management of development and manufacturing-specific BOMs and data. Changes can be imported and tracked plant-specifically via Manufacturing Change Orders (MCO). Changes to manufacturing processes and operating resources can be displayed with a shorter process

      • ENOVIA SmarTeam offers a team-oriented, quickly implemented product data management solution for small and medium-sized enterprises. Design changes are supported in SmarTeam by a status network at document level. With the SmarTeam Workflow (WFL), workflow-aided change processes can be implemented company-specifically
      • ENOVIA solutions can be seamlessly integrated with ERP, PLM and many other authoring systems via standard interfaces. For instance, with Connect Integration for V6, CENIT has developed cross-process integration between ENOVIA V6 and SAP PLM.
      • Assessment and analysis of the entire product development process and all relevant subareas
      • Conceptual design and specification of PDM/PLM introduction and migration projects
      • Consulting with regard to optimizing and implementing the change process by a CMII/certified process consultant
      • When deploying ENOVIA V6 Rapid Application Configuration Environment (RACE), preconfigured and release-compatible standards by Dassault Systèmes are available for quick implementation
  • V6 has made us a great deal more transparent and efficient in terms of development and design. Locating product data is quick and easy, and being able to do parallel work on products saves plenty of time.
    Steve Viehweger, Design, FIBER-TECH