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Document Management

In a networked development project, the flood of documents, data and files is constantly increasing. Based on this information, business processes are documented, products manufactured and important decisions made.

Its structuring and corporate-wide uniform storage, administration and control secures the successful course and closure of a project.

In industries such as aircraft construction, automotive engineering or medical technologies, seamless and audit-proof document management is a prerequisite in obtaining certification.


  • Much time spent on manual data administration
  • Outdated and invalid data lead to wrong decisions and cause waste and high revision costs
  • Lacking traceability of revision and approval statuses
  • High additional expenditure during audits to ensure conformity with legal requirements and standards
  • Global authorization-based access to sensitive business information
  • No quick and efficient search options, such as full text search
    • A central document management system is the source of all information and knowledge collected and documented within a company (IP).

      • Every user has access to elementary document management functions in the standard version: Loading, saving, blocking, versioning / revisioning, etc.
      • Documents can be classified and arranged and searched for by a large number of criteria and attributes
      • All relevant information and files are up-to-date and accessible for all authorized employees at all times
      • The controlled distribution and publication of documents and linked files is executed quickly and easily
      • Targeted control of document validity
      • Throughput times of documents are shortened significantly with the aid of electronic workflows
      • Documents are linked within the context of their creation and use with projects, items, BOMs, etc. and are therefore the core of a PLM system.
      • ENOVIA V6 is the enterprise PLM solution for the holistic and enterprise-wide management and control of all product data and processes of the entire product lifecycle with consistent methods, models and tools from development and production to sales, maintenance and disposal along the extended logistics chain.

        • ENOVIA Live Collaboration (CPF) offers for Document Management all relevant functions for the structured storage in folder structures, versioning, access control, full text search and workflow control. Optionally, document management can also be combined and integrated with other PLM core processes:
        • ENOVIA Collaboration for Microsoft (MSF) simplifies and accelerates daily work with documents in the standard Office environment.
        • Linking between documents and items and BOMs is a prerequisite of ENOVIA Engineering Central (ENG)
        • With ENOVIA Program Central (PRG), documents can be linked in project structures and product lines
        • ENOVIA Designer Central (DEC) is available for the highly integrated and user-friendly connection to all conventional CAD systems
        • ENOVIA Library Central (LBC) is available for the flexible classification of documents in accordance with company or industry standards

      • ENOVIA SmarTeam offers a team-oriented, quickly implemented document management solution for small and medium-sized enterprises. SmarTeam provides all relevant document management functions and lifecycles are supported by a status network. With the SmarTeam Workflow (WFL), workflow-aided change processes can be implemented company-specifically.
      • Assessment and analysis of the entire product development process and all relevant subareas
      • Conceptual design and specification of PDM/PLM introduction and migration projects
      • Consulting and support in the definition and implementation of integrated item management and BOM processes
      • When deploying ENOVIA V6 Rapid Application Configuration Environment (RACE), preconfigured and release-compatible standards by Dassault Systèmes are available for quick implementation