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Programs for higher education, research and apprenticeship

CATIA V5 is the most comprehensive and most common development tool. Thousands of companies have successfully implemented this software. Experience in this innovative technology increase the chances of finding a permanent position and career perspectives in such companies. Experts who can already demonstrate experience in handling highly developed designing and drafting tools have the best cards. Developers and CAD users who are familiar with the market-leading CAD system CATIA V5 are currently in increasing demand.

As a response to this success, CATIA V6 is now paving the way for innovative designing and communication across locations in the age of globalization. PLM V6 for Academia combines a series of internationally successful, integrated software: CATIA for product development, DELMIA for digital manufacturing, SIMULIA for realistic simulation and ENOVIA for joint communication and innovation.

CENIT and Dassault Systèmes support students, but also entire educational institutions in building up of qualified technical trainees:

  • Low-cost CATIA V5/ CATIA V6 licenses with Academia – the Dassault Systèmes higher education program
  • Attractive training programs with aCAdemiX – the CENIT training passport for education/apprenticeship and research
    • CATIA V5 and CATIA V6 are available to all educational institutions within the Dassault program "Academia" at very attractive conditions. This program enables educational institutions, colleges and universities to train the engineers and technicians of tomorrow today using the most advanced CAD technology available in its most up-to-date version.

      In addition, students can obtain their own low-cost CATIA V5 SHaPE license (Student Homework and Project Enabling) for private home use. The condition for this is enrollment in a university which participates in the Dassault Systèmes license program.

      If the university does not participate in this license program, students have the option of obtaining a student license at low cost at http://academy.3ds.com/software/ if they can present a valid certificate of enrollment or student ID card.

      There are no student licenses for CATIA V6. However, provided that the university supports the necessary system requirements and its curriculum includes it, students can obtain their "own" CATIA V6 license for their PCs.

    • Two license configurations are available for CATIA V5 for education/apprenticeship & research in the scope of the Academia program of Dassault Systèmes:

      • The ED2-EDU configuration corresponds to the complete CAD/CAM/CAE platform that can be used in the entire university, school or institution. It allows complete access to all CATIA V5 areas of application of platform P2 with over 120 products
      • The DIC-EDU configuration is a cost-effective starter package for your CAD laboratory. This covers the CATIA V5 application areas with just under 30 individual products
      • PLM "Discover" - a functionally diverse interdisciplinary platform. The interdisciplinary learning environment combines a broad spectrum of Dassault Systèmes PLM software. It allows cooperation, design in context, work-optimized design and many other methods required by the industry
      • "Master and Advance" Module - Specialization on call. The modules are targeted to all levels, especially to specialized requirement profiles. The V6 Master and Advance packages expand PLM Discover in selected areas of application, opening additional perspectives for innovative vocational education. This includes the possibility, for example, of creating one's own PLM application and sharing it with students.

      The license configurations each correspond to a combination of license, online documentation, and online training courses of the "User Companion", which provides both excellent lecture material and documents for self-study.

      For more information and quick access to the license program of Dassault Systèmes, please fill out the online form below.

      • Training of your students in CATIA V5 or CATIA V6 already during their studies
      • Instruction in the usage of the leading CAD system in the automotive, aerospace and high-tech sectors
      • Improved employment opportunities for your graduates in high-tech and dynamic sectors
      • Easier access for your students and your research associates to industrial development projects
    • Any educational institution that wishes to participate in the license program described above must sign the Academic Institution License Agreement (AILA), thereby agreeing with the terms and conditions of use stipulated by Dassault Systèmes. Within the agreement, particular emphasis is placed on the purely scientific, non-commercial use of the licenses. As a control function, CATIA V5 labels each document created or edited with the education licenses with a special mark which is retained through all file operations, such as "Copy&Paste" and "Save As". If such a document is opened with a commercial CATIA license, a window appears with a corresponding warning. Under CATIA V6, there is a system-based division between academic and commercial licenses, which means that a component created using an education license cannot be opened using a commercial license and vice versa. Any student who would like to apply for CATIA V5 licenses via their university must meet the following criteria:

      • The university is a licensee within the Dassault Systèmes license program
      • The student is properly enrolled in a program at the university; the student lives in one of the authorized countries
      • The student has signed the Academic Student License Agreement
    • Attractive training programs with aCAdemiX – the CENIT training passport for education/apprenticeship and research

      In addition to the Dassault Systèmes license program, CENIT offers you as a college/university the option of participating in the attractive CENIT higher education program "aCAdemiX". This offer includes 20 current CATIA V5 courses at the CENIT Academy and is targeted in particular at universities, technical colleges and technicians' schools.

      A personal aCAdemiX training passport obtained from CENIT offers university professors and staff the opportunity of booking a total of ten days of training at the CENIT Academy within twelve months at a flat rate of only €750.00 (plus VAT). This means a saving of 78%.

      In order to access the CENIT aCAdemiX higher education program, a framework agreement between CENIT AG and the college/university in question is required. We are happy to send you details about such an agreement on request. To do this, simply use the online form below.

    • Top reasons for obtaining the CENIT aCAdemiX training passport

      • Low-cost training courses with the leading Dassault Systèmes Certified Education Partner
      • Exercises with various levels of difficulty for the individual topic groups
      • Tried-and-tested, coordinated training concept
      • Active involvement of participants in the training courses
      • Countless educationally valuable options for designing a state-of-the-art training course
      • Sufficient time for exercises
      • Participants with different learning speeds receive optimal support with numerous guided exercises
      • Nine state-of-the-art training centers all over Germany
      • Generous study workstations guarantee that work goes undisturbed
      • High-performance, state-of-the-art technology
      • Networking of all workstations in an "educational network"
      • The CENIT aCAdemiX training passport is valid for twelve months from the date of issue. Training days which are not redeemed expire after this period.
      • The offer is intended exclusively for institutions of higher education (universities, technical colleges, technicians' schools) in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It is only valid for professors and staff
      • There must be a framework agreement in place between the institution and CENIT AG
      • A passport ID is imperative for booking courses – regardless of whether this is done online or by telephone
      • The offer is limited to selected courses
      • The passport is non-transferable
      • The training passport is only valid in conjunction with a personal ID. Both must be carried in person when attending the courses
      • Consulting firms and CAD resellers are excluded from this campaign
      • The general conditions for participation of the CENIT Academy apply