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The cenitCONNECT Product Family

CENIT AG is one of the leading full service SAP PLM integrators with a portfolio that contains a comprehensive range of consulting services and software products. In addition to SAP standard products, we develop own software solutions, allowing us to offer our clients the right solution for every requirement. SAP PLM is the next logical step for companies that use SAP ERP and want to configure their business processes in an integrated manner and optimize them on a company-wide basis. CENIT is a globally recognized consulting and software company, and offers a PLM solution that supports the entire product lifecycle in an integrated system. cenitCONNECT is our solution for optimizing and accelerating your work processes, based on SAP PLM 7 and enhanced by extensions for integrated product development with SAP.

By providing comprehensive SAP PLM consulting, we help our customers to optimally plan and execute product development processes across the entire product lifecycle. CENIT's industry and process experts support companies in the manufacturing industry, including those in the automotive, industrial machinery and equipment, medical technology and aerospace industries to optimize their product development processes. CENIT offers one-stop services, from system installation to customer-specific tailoring, right through to training and ongoing support.

As a partner, we provide long-term support for the SAP PLM solutions of our customers. As a development partner of SAP, DASSAULT SYSTEMES and DSC Software AG, we coordinate development plans for our entire product family (especially for the SAP–CATIA integration) with our partners' development plans on a regular basis. This ensures that the products stay up-to-date with respect to new SAP technologies and your investments are protected.

cenit CONNECT Product family

Overview of the cenitCONNECT Product Family

cenitCONNECT Collaboration

For global collaboration within your enterprise and with external partners

  • Document Distribution Manager: local availability and high performance, even for high data volumes
  • Enterprise Connector: Managed and clever data exchange.

cenitCONNECT Integration

Only licensed SAP integration in the world for CATIA with SAP Premium Qualification

  • Many years of experience with multi-CAD integration
  • SAP PLM integration for CATIA V5 is a SAP price list product
  • SAP Engineering Control Center integration
  • SAP PLM integration for the 3DEXPERIENCE platform

cenitCONNECT Automation

SAP PLM 7 add-on for workflow optimization using intelligent process management

  • High-performance end-to-end process management with SAP
  • Increased reliability and quality in the execution of business processes
  • Cost reduction