Input management products

Multi channel input management

By selecting the right product, you will establish the digital basis for subsequent processes. The CENIT evaluation matrix will help you with this by including your weighting of issues as parameters. With our teams or partners, such as IBM, OpenText, Kodak and Paradatec, we will then implement the modularly structured projects together.

The central integration into existing infrastructure, the consideration of existing components, and the right mix of conventional regulations and artificial intelligence will optimize your processes permanently and secure investments already made.

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Solutions for interactive communication

Draft customer correspondence individually and simultaneously increase process efficiency?

In many industries, handling customer concerns is closely connected to preparing written replies, which focus on the individual circumstances of the customer and his concerns.

Frequently office products such as Microsoft Office are used. This results in complex system breaks and additional costs for users or IT.


CENIT and Pitney Bowes are offering you an output management solution for interactive letter writing, which integrates existing company standards in individual correspondence. In combination with CENIT process and file solutions, process efficiency and consistency in processing is guaranteed.

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Files and processing

File and transaction processing increases the efficiency of your processes and access to information

Electronic files and transactions are the basis for proper support of customer communication. Products such as CENIT ECLISO, IBM Case Manager or Camunda can be used for this. We will gladly support you in developing a suitable strategy and selecting a product.

Utilize the advantages:

  • Management of the entire customer communication and processes
  • Location-independent, safe access to files and documents
  • Optimal support of your processes (no transit or wait time)

Thus you will achieve, among other things,

  • Optimal and faster access to information (360° view)
  • Increase in competitiveness
  • Reduction of processing time

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Output management products

Can the right document reach the right customer at the right time via the right channel?

CENIT Output Management is the efficient control center for communication with your customers.

The core processes of document creation and optimization as well as sending optimization and distribution are the focus.

Companies are required to design these processes so that each recipient receives information in the right form, via the right physical or electronic channel, at the right time.

Try CENIT Output Management – for a personalized, customer-specific and cost-efficient creation and sending of business documents.

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Stefan Jamin

Stefan Jamin

Senior Manager Industries and Innovation, Enterprise Information Management

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Michael Frihs

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