SAP Migration and ECM Migration

eMigrator and SAPMIG Full-fledged migration tools

Proprietary tools can only insufficiently satisfy the requirements for transaction security and conversion of data. CENIT counts on comprehensive and proven migration tools to correctly and, above all securely, transport data.

Migration tools are separate programs that are only used once! We see it differently!

SAPMIG is an integrative part of the SAP system and supports the preparatory or downstream migration into SAP systems. It cleverly fits into the daily routine of the company and ensures a smooth operation of the migration in the background. We offer SAPMIG as a stand-alone product that can be used by the customer or with full service support.

eMigrator migrates and converts your data in a rule-based manner from nested file and IBM systems to IBM target or file systems, and ensures the transaction security of the data with intelligent methodologies:

  • Read module for many IBM ECM products and for data systems including nested structures
  • Write module for many IBM ECM products and for data systems including nested structures
  • A transformation module for the configurable mapping of the metadata from documents
  • Rendition module for the format conversion of the content from documents
  • Verification of completeness with respect to revision with a document catalog in a relational database

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Andreas Carlsen

Andreas Carlsen

Senior Manager Research & Development, Enterprise Information Management

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