Migrations checkup

Obtain transparency over the risks in your system landscape

CENIT Migrations-Checkup

CENIT Migrations-Checkup shows you the risks in your system landscape and prepares a plan for the necessary countermeasures. These are prepared in a decision template and presented to you.

Our proven approach includes:

  • Analysis and impartial evaluation of the systems
  • Planning of the necessary migrations
  • Preparation of a decision template

With Migrations-Checkup, you will secure the reliability of your system landscape for the long term. You will detect and minimize risks early and therefore avoid short-term and expensive migration projects.

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Application modernization

Modernization of mission-critical applications:

Fit for the future

IT systems which have grown over years or decades based on outdated technology cause high costs. Short time-to-market cycles are a challenge for legacy applications. In addition, they hold great risks with respect to the technical expertise required for their maintenance.

The application architects and Java EE developers from CENIT specialize in the design and implementation of complex information management platforms based on enterprise technology.

We will migrate your applications of yesterday into the world of tomorrow!

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System consolidation

But correctly please!

In the past, system consolidations were frequently performed solely as IT projects to reduce the IT complexity. In addition to reducing the complexity, optimizing the processes of the technical department is also crucial in this process. Only both aspects considered together can lead to a successful system consolidation.

The goal of a successful system consolidation is the harmonization of processes.

The right strategy during the analysis and consolidation of the data and target processes is pivotal for the success of a consolidation. Our many years of experience in system consolidation and creative use of methodologies help our clients to have successful system consolidations.

Benefit from the leading practices of the CENIT consultants:

  • Joint requirements analysis with the various departments and IT
  • Use of optimally selected technologies
  • Proven methodologies during the data analysis

Make sure that your next system consolidation satisfies everyone. Take the first step and contact a CENIT specialist!

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Document migration

Migration as a service?

More than just moving data!

We understand migrations as a service, which must consider many aspects. In doing so, documents in their source context and target systems in their processes are considered and evaluated as one unit. This approach ensures that the document context is preserved.

What use is the best migration strategy if the documents are not harmonized in the target system?

We make sure, together with you, that the documents to be migrated out of multiple systems maintain their value and are presented uniformly.

Benefit from the approach that the migrations and project are viewed as one inseparable unit by us:

  • Migration experts are an equally integrative part of the project
  • Assurance that the migration always keeps an eye on the project goal and its processes
  • Development of a solution-oriented migration design and strategy

Migration of context-sensitive data and documents is a fundamental service. Take the first step and contact a CENIT specialist!

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Stefan Jamin

Stefan Jamin

Senior Manager Industries and Innovation, Enterprise Information Management

Carmen Baier

Carmen Baier

Senior Manager Digital Finance, Enterprise Information Management

Michael Frihs

Michael Frihs

Head of Sales, Enterprise Information Management

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