Corporate and financial planning

Integrated financial planning

Reliable and current!

Your decisions in financial controlling are based on various data: ERP, CRM, existing systems.

An overall view and timeliness are indispensable for sound decisions.

A platform for the entire business and financial planning, to which all relevant company financial data is routed together, enables reliable liquidity management at the push of a button.

Integrated data with always current numbers for extrapolations and simulations: Group-wide – company-wide – inter-divisional!

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Planning solutions for HR, sales and purchasing

HR, sales and purchase planning on a uniform platform

Overview with reliable data

The information for HR planning, sales planning and purchase planning comes from a variety of sources.

A complete overview which considers interdependencies is indispensable.

Through the integration of different data from ERP, CRM and existing systems into one platform for the overall planning, you will succeed in discovering chances and risks.

Plan reliably through simulations and extrapolations!

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Predictive maintenance & quality assurance

Can I improve my maintenance and reduce production failures without investing in complex IT?

Unexpected machine breakdowns, performance issues and losses in quality cause high costs.

CENIT predictive maintenance enables the optimization of maintenance through analyses and failure predictions of measurement and process data.

Preconfigured service packages as a "managed service" facilitate the introduction, ensure quick results and protect you against bad investments.

Minimize production failures and optimize repair and maintenance work.

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CENIT BI platform as the basis for sound business decisions.

Where are we? Why is this? What should we do?

Based on integrated, internal and external data sources and geodata, business intelligence provides answers to these questions.

This takes place by means of automated & recurring reporting, ad hoc reporting & evaluation and even in self service.

Use the CENIT BI platform for a variety of reporting requirements within the company and the clear, graphic preparation and presentation of reports in maps.

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Location intelligence

Can I evaluate my data and immediately recognize where something is wrong?

Location intelligence – when evaluating your data, it depends on "where".

Determine the optimal business location, ensure an optimal risk management and improve new customer acquisition by developing precise customer profiles.

Make sound decisions, achieve corporate goals:

  • Promote your sales growth by selecting the best business location
  • Reduce costs by precisely matching resources and distances
  • Manage risks by recognizing dangers such as floods, crimes or fires
  • Increase customer satisfaction by delivering to the right recipient at the right time

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Content analytics

Does the analysis of my content provide me with a competitive edge?

With CENIT Content Analytics, you get access to information in unstructured data, such as images or natural linguistic texts, relevant to you.

Set yourself apart from your competitors through the use of cognitive systems and the consistent use of data which arises in your company.

Intelligent assistance systems support your knowledge worker in the analysis and in finding relationships in unstructured data and image material.

Knowledge modules especially tailored for your application simplify and structure the content-related analysis and thus refine your company-wide knowledge management.

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Analytics and reporting platforms

Business analytics

Automatically analyze and visualize data with IBM Watson and IBM Cognos

Create dashboards and infographics with ease, automatically analyze and visualize data or a first exploration of new data?

With IBM Watson, you will even include information from the Interne. With Cognos Analytics, you will quickly receive the answers which you need to make profound decisions.

CENIT offers you the full spectrum of service performance, from strategy up to operation and services. CENIT is your trusted advisor for strategy and product selection!

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Stefan Jamin

Stefan Jamin

Senior Manager Industries and Innovation, Enterprise Information Management

Carmen Baier

Carmen Baier

Senior Manager Digital Finance, Enterprise Information Management

Michael Frihs

Michael Frihs

Head of Sales, Enterprise Information Management

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