Input management & archiving

Process optimization for incoming mail as the basis for digitalization

Process optimization of incoming mail with solutions from CENIT turns your mass data and individual requirements into a standardized procedure.

The consistent separation of form and content enables the seamless integration. Legally compliant archiving in your core systems (e.g. SAP) and company-wide searches are controlled centrally; input channels are connected modularly. A high degree of automation is achieved through the combined use of classical rules and artificial intelligence.

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Case management and BPM

Can I automate my process and maintain flexibility at the same time?

The digitalization of business processes is one of the most important prerequisites within the context of any digital transformation.

The selection of the right system for mailboxes and transaction processing for automation and optimization poses a great challenge for many companies.



CENIT EIM will support you in the selection and implementation of a suitable solution for digitalizing your processes and transaction processing in line with your technical requirements.

Whether automated processes (BPM) or individual case processing (case management), whether with mailboxes and rules for distribution or not - We will advise and accompany you from the specification of requirements to the implementation and appropriate managed services in operation.

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Content & document management

Manage and use content and documents securely

Exactly when and how you need

Securely manage contents in a wide range of formats in digital form for flexible use: This is the essential basis for a successful digital transformation. CENIT will stand by your side with more than 20 experience as a trusted advisor for strategy, product selection, implementation and optimized operating models.


Whether Office documents, invoices or drawings, whether unalterable or versioned contents - our solutions enable your entire content to be managed: using mobile and web-based applications, cognitive and analytic assistants and modern operating models on premise or cloud-based.

From development of your content and document management strategy to the implementation and managed services, CENIT is your partner for digital transformation.

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Electronic file

Electronic files

Manage information and contracts efficiently, securely and intuitively

Information is still arranged in files in an intuitive way through the processing. Electronic files with predefined filing structures and authorizations optimally support this for all corporate sectors. Limitations and risks of a paper file are avoided and numerous advantages are offered:

  • Flexible management of all information on a topic, e.g. contract or employee
  • Location-independent, safe access to files and documents
  • Optimal integration with your business processes (no transit or wait time)

Thus you will achieve, among other things,

  • Adherence with compliance and quality management regulations
  • Optimal and faster access to information (360° view)
  • Increase in competitiveness

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Content analytics

Transparency over all the content in your document management systems

With CENIT Content Analytics

The document management systems in companies contain countless documents and data. Making sound and comprehensible business decisions requires an analysis of this data.

CENIT Content Analytics analyzes and recognizes crucial information, intelligent relationships and trends in your data.

The cognitive system is an assistance system and supports all text formats.

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Compliance & governance

Optimal implementation of compliance and governance requires cost minimization and competitive advantages

Compliance and governance are important strategic tasks of corporate management in order to control the constantly growing flood of information.

Mechanisms to remove unimportant information, or protect valuable information against changes or deletion, are often missing. Reasons for this are missing governance plans and compliance requirements which were not met.

CENIT will support you with know-how, consulting and ECM solutions (e.g. CENIT RETENTION SOLUTION) so that you will fulfill your complex responsibility.

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Contract management

Increase transparency and efficiency in the entire life cycle of your contracts

CENIT contract management is the basis for a successful collaboration with your business partners. It holistically supports the life cycle of your contracts.

Utilize the advantages:

  • Access to all contracts and associated documents
  • Uniform processes including approvals and escalations
  • Deadline monitoring
  • Configurable evaluations according to your KPIs

Thus you will achieve, among other things,

  • Transparency over your contracts
  • Cost reduction based on deadline monitoring
  • Increase in efficiency through automated processes

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Stefan Jamin

Stefan Jamin

Senior Manager Industries and Innovation, Enterprise Information Management

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Michael Frihs

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